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This morning involved trying to solve a last-minute panic which could have been avoided. Last night I updated a bundle index for Heather, and this morning it transpired to be the wrong bundle index. There were two in the file and I had updated the most recently-dated one, whereas she had been working from the other one.

There should only be one bundle index in the file at any one time; you are never going to need an old version because you only ever add to it. The only time you would need more than one is if there is a separate set of documents in a separate bundle.

And we've mentioned this countless times. So following the panic, I opened a can of e-mail whoop-ass on our fee earners.

Morning, all...

I just want to reiterate something about bundle indexes.

If you are updating your own index, PLEASE DO NOT RESAVE IT AS A NEW DOCUMENT. This causes no end of confusion when it comes to updating them via your dictation - we had an incident yesterday evening / this morning where the wrong one was updated. Most of the index documents should have an automatically updating date somewhere on it, usually in the footer, so there is no need to resave under a new date. I will make an effort to add an updating date if there isn't one, but obviously this is an ongoing process and will only happen as and when I come across them.

If it's absolutely essential to create a new document for whatever reason, you MUST quote the document reference in the footer so that we know which one to update. You can either dictate it or write it on the instruction sheet. Contrary to popular belief, we are not psychic!

As a little side note, you probably shouldn't be updating them yourselves anyway...!

Thanks for your cooperation.

Er, well. Not quite whoop-ass, but I think it gets the point across. The majority of fee earners are quite good at letting us know which one to update (I had Ama well trained before she left) but some of the newer members of staff and locums need a prod in the right direction.

Really, the point in quoting my email was to demonstrate the good relationship we have within our team. I've been here over a year now and it's nice to be able to take a slightly authoritative (yet light-hearted) tone with colleagues. South Team is brilliant. Adults Team is a bit poo but the WPOs don't get to go to their team meetings so we don't really know what they do, and they hardly put anything in for typing, either. But anyway, I really like being a part of South Team and would not change it for the world. A couple of the fee earners can be a little annoying (constant urgents, PC-illiteracy, general panic) but on the whole, the majority of the time, everyone is lovely.

Under the cut is something I wish I could email to one of the fee earners in Adults Team, but I think it might get me a disciplinary... :P

Dear _______,

The printer is not a sentient being.

The headed paper is printed on every other page. A one-page letter with two copies will be perfectly printed; one on headed, one on plain; one to send out, one for your file. That's the point.

Sometimes, the order gets mixed up. If your letter is only a page long, it doesn't matter.

So, when you print a two-page letter and the order is mixed up, the first page is going to come out on blank paper instead of headed. It's not the printer's fault. It's not the PC's fault. The printer cannot detect the mixed-up paper and compensate, and nor does it actually print the heading onto the paper.

Furthermore, if you put your letter in for dictation like you're supposed to, this wouldn't happen.

Say it with me again: the printer is not a sentient being.



I would ordinarily post something like that in co_workers_suck, but I think I only posted in there twice, briefly, after leaving Ladywood, because I had so few sucks to complain about. Generally my co-worker's don't suck, which is, quite frankly, a marvellous concept.

Although I do find it quite ironic that I had to change my "ye faga of sandra" tag into "sandragate: episode 1" to account for the other, entirely separate, entirely different and entirely annoying Sandra at this office. Who, obviously, is tagged as "sandragate: episode 2", although I don't have to use that one so often...

Today has been slow on work but the morning has at least gone quite quickly... Luckily, there's only four more choir rehearsals left this season and then a break for three months, thank anything... I mean, it's fun, but I couldn't do it all year...
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