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I completely forgot to update on my everso exciting weekend. :P

On Friday we went out for a curry for herringprincess's birthday, after meeting at her house. We ended up at Punjab Paradise (for whom we have a menu at home so will try them again) and it was all very nice and a very reasonable total, too, considering there were 16 of us and nearly everyone had a starter. I had a couple of good conversations with flatline2010 whilst Paul and Lloyd were out having a smoke, which was nice. I was absolutely stuffed afterwards, though. Farrr too much food.

After that we went back to Alison's house briefly for a toilet stop, before heading out to find a pub. Eventually we ended up at the Village, which was surprisingly empty, and sat outside after a brief argument with one of the bar staff when they IDed one of our clearly-over-21 group. Mad Scary Kat at least proved useful in that regard.

We had spread over two patio tables and our table were apparently at war with the other one, even though they didn't know that. :)

Everyone decamped inside towards the end and there was a band playing something resembling jazz, though by that point I'd run out of steam and just wanted to go home. At least we weren't in Birmingham so it was just a short 50 ride down the road, and the bus turned up fairly quickly.

On Saturday we got up early because Phil (Trevor-the-landlord's mate) was due to come and fix our bathroom light pull. Trevor phoned at around midday to say Phil had some jobs to do for him (Trevor) before he could get to us and hence would be turning up mid-afternoon, if at all. So we essentially got up for no reason.

I put some washing out (after changing to another new washing line which is actually a washing line rather than a piece of rope) because the sun was out, and naturally it then clouded over and was horrible all day. After six hours the washing was still not dry, but I brought it in anyway, immediately following which, the sun came out again. The weather doth mock me.

Of the evening, Paul went out to a gig, and I had fully intended to watch Charlotte's Web that evening, but was distracted by shiny things in the form of an AIM conversation with Eni in which she threw reactions / feedback at me about various pieces of fic, mostly Jonathan Creek... Much fun. I fully intended to go to bed at around 11.30 or thereabouts, but got sucked into a random game instead...

Sunday was the usual, really: EastEnders, random behind-the-eye / temple headache (again! Stop it, body!) and the final part of Jack in the Beanstalk on SciFi, which was actually really good. Phil finally turned up at about 2.30 (midway through 'Stenders, typically) and was gone again within 10 minutes. Also, the sun actually stayed out long enough to do some washing / drying, which was much appreciated.

I am going to start doing food diary / weigh-in posts in the style of Bridget Jones (I'm re-reading the first book, as I now have Edge of Reason to read afterwards) but will personal-only them so as not to subject my friends-list to them. Unless anyone is desperately interested, in which case I'll make a filter...

And that's it.
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