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The Stupid. It Hurts - Episode 4

Apparently, they don't teach common sense in medical school.

I just typed a letter in response to correspondence from a doctor, from whom we had requested a Court report regarding a family. The letter we had originally sent was two pages long: the first page printed on our letter-headed paper, and the second page printed on ordinary, white, unheaded paper. This is because the headed paper is printed itself in such a way that every other page is just ordinary, cream-coloured paper, so that there is a copy for the file, and hence printing the second (and any other) page of the letter on normal paper saves wasting the headed stuff.

The doctor in question was technically writing back to moan about the fact that he couldn't get the statement done in time, which is fair enough. But the part which completely boggled my mind was the first paragraph, in which he says that the letter is "interesting" because the first page was on letter headed paper and the second page was not, and that the Solicitor's name was at the bottom of the second page but did not appear in the list of names on the headed paper (er, no, that would be because it's a list of the CLO, Asst Director and such, not every bloody solicitor in the building).

This simply-printed two-page letter was enough to send the doctor in a flurry of confusion over whether, in fact, both pages were part of the same letter. Despite the fact that the case name is mentioned on both pages, multiple times.

Just... WTF? Our letters also go out stapled together. Why on earth would you assume that just because the paper's different, it might be two separate documents?

The Stupid. It Hurts.
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