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Well. We have a vaguely Derren Brown-themed layout. Mostly pleased with it other than the fact that the bloody entry borders simply WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY in S2 for some ungodly reason. Annoying. And obviously, LJ "no longer supports" S1 any more.

Anyway. There we go. Gone for a slightly different colour scheme than my usual, also...

Edit, 23.07: It's now vaguely more presentable. Tabular Indent remains the only layout I can do what I want with, but it's temperamental and annoying. I will probably tweak it again at some other point. I completely fail to see the point of being able to make entry boxes transparent when the "blank" command doesn't work for, e.g. the header / sidebar. Rather defeats the purpose.

Ah well. Expect temporary fritzing and changes if you happen to wander over...
Tags: annoyances: internet, celebrities: derren brown, icons & layouts
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