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Strange night's sleep. I slept straight through, but didn't manage to go to bed until half an hour later than anticipated, thanks to tweaking my LJ layout. I really need to learn the S2 style system one of these days, as the defaults are so restricting / glitchy...

Then, despite being horribly tired, I couldn't get to sleep because for some reason my eyes started itching in an allergic-type fashion, which was incredibly annoying...

This morning I had a strangely fragmented dream which finished off with the couple from this year's Big Brother (Lisa and Mario), who owned an online dating service and really wanted to sign me up despite the fact I was with Paul... it was very odd.

Today I have spent half an hour destapling old instruction sheets from August 07 onwards, because when Kathy does the stats she keeps bloody bringing them back in case there are any queries, which there never are, and they've slowly started piling up on top of the drawers under my desk. So I fed the green recycling bin and saved a few trees...

Must tidy up flat tonight in readiness for grandmother arriving. Just for the sake of appearances, you understand. I don't want to look like the slob I am, obviously. Anyway, the bathroom needs cleaning since Phil came to fix the light, as there's plaster on the floor, and the stairs need hoovering (Paul's job), and I need to find somewhere for that bin liner full of board games to live. I was going to put them in the sideboard and then remembered that's where I put my sheet music...

Nothing much else to report, really. The last week before impending annual leave of any kind (whether long or short) is awful. I want to go back to bed. :(

Oh, before I forget: something resembling a to-do list for my week/s off:
  • Update fics - Jonathan Creek and "Strange Glue"
  • Read Eni's Seekrit Fanfik
  • Work on Voyager page for website (I made some vague attempt but need to brush up on my HTML and also make it much less complicated than at present...)
  • Start re-watching The X-Files - there's absolutely no chance in Hell of finishing all nine series before the new movie opens in August but I can have a fair go...
  • Watch some DVDs
  • Day trip with Paul on 20 June (no idea where as yet)
  • Remember to go to choir / swimming
  • Obtain bike
  • Ride bike
  • General housework
  • Possibly obtain material for curtains
  • Make tie-backs at the very least
  • Attempt to tag entire LJ

That's more than enough to be going on, really.

Also, very little work here today. *goes to sleep*
Tags: dreams, eco-friendly, flat, lists, work: legal

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