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Weekend and Days Off So Far.

Saturday, we went into Brum to go and see The Happening. Thanks to not checking cinema times, however, we arrived at AMC with two hours to kill so ended up wandering up the Hagley Road to find A Pub in which to sit, before wandering back again.

The film was good. An apt point, well made. I can't really offer a review without spoilering horrendously, and anyway there was nothing that particularly grabbed me other than the general concept. It's quite thought-provoking, though, and I would recommend going to see it.

We had also intended to get some new trainers from Deichman (new cheap shoe shop on Dale End, where Topshop used to be) except it was insanely busy, so that'll have to wait until either Friday or some afternoon at some point when it's less crowded. Other than that, Saturday was quite sedate. Of the evening we rented 8 Mile (yeah, Channel 4? It's not a frickin' musical. End of.) which was actually better than I anticipated.

Sunday was the usual, minus headache for once. Thank frell.

On my first day of leave, I did precisely nothing all day. I wandered our around midday to pop Patrick's birthday card in the post and had a look around Priceless Shoes ("EVERYTHING REDUCED!" apparently) but there was nothing of interest, and spent the rest of the day watching Housewife Telly (Trisha, Jeremy Kyle, Sally Jessy Raphael, etc.) until Paul came home and discovered the PC had gone kaputt.

It's been making strange noises for a few days but until yesterday had been starting up and staying on okay. Yesterday the hard drive was making horrible clunking noises like it was catching on something, with the PC getting through Dell's background BIOS / boot-up before making bleepy noises and requesting "F1 to retry boot". Except obviously, our keyboard is on a USB and will not work outside of Windows (whoever thought up USB keyboards was clearly a genius...) so we had to just turn it off.

Given this is the third PC we've got through in a year, and also given there was absolutely nothing wrong with my original one other than slowness and occasional crankiness, I was understandably very pissed off about it. So I had a bath to try and calm down and we decreed we'd just have to look into getting a new one, which we were intending to do at some point but not quite so soon... I don't exactly have a few hundred quid to throw around for a new machine, y'know? And given what happened with the last cheap machine we bought, there's no way I'm going down that road again.

Our two options at present are for Paul to ring his brother Noel and ask whether he reckons CPC are kosher. He recommended them to us for bits but we're not sure on machines. (At last check on the website, they had a fairly decent spec machine for £225, which is certainly better than somewhere like PC World would charge.) The other option is to go to PC World and see what their cheapest machine is, and whether they have any kind of buy-now-pay-later deal, etc.

Anyway, of the evening we sat down and started re-watching Carnivále as we now have season 2 to get through as well. Two episodes in and I'm remembering how bloody amazing it was, not to mention head-frelling.

Which brings us to today. Obviously, the PC is no longer broken, as I am typing an LJ entry. It didn't work this afternoon when I tried to turn it on but for some reason was absolutely fine a few hours later when Paul came home. Oh, and he managed to leave his keys at home today, as well as his (dead-batteried, admittedly) mobile. Cue me trying to get in touch with him via a very circuitous route involving 118 118 and attempting to send a text to his work email - I presume the latter was intercepted by the firewall, however. Anyway, I did manage to get through and he came home early to beat me going to choir and not being around to let him in.

More Carnivále later. Hopefully if the PC can survive a little bit longer we won't have to get a new machine just yet, so *crosses fingers* here's hoping.

That's everything. Must update food diary.
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