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Third time lucky...

Meh. Okay. Just ordered a new PC from Ebuyer. £160-ish for Intel Celeron, 1GB RAM and 180GB HDD, so it should actually work - what a novel concept! Also comes with Vista as all new PCs do, which I will inevitably hate because every new OS is increasingly more idiot-proof. How easy is it to reinstall Win XP?

Oh, in the meantime I've set The Beast back up because the other one worked on Tuesday and Thursday and then by Friday was utterly dead. My alternate days theory did not hold out, as it failed to work Saturday either. ;)

Anyway, new machine arrives on Tuesday, hurrah. I'd forgotten how blasted slow this one was, not to mention noisy. GAH.

Yesterday was 'orrible so we watched the last seven episodes or thereabouts of Carnivale season 1 and the first episode of season 2. It's very addictive, and not the kind of thing you can leave for a while and go back to...

On Friday also we went to the Myths & Monsters exhibition at the Gas Hall. The man on reception was desperate to give us a discount. "Are you students? Unemployed?" "Er, we work for the Council?" "That'll do!" - without even checking our passes. So if you go and see it, claim you work for the Council... :) It's quite entertaining and would have been a more relaxing day trip if not for the school group which turned up halfway through our perusal of the exhibits... they were noisy and raucous and running all over the place. Meh. Still, the animatronics are very cool.

We also got new trainers from Deichman, so yay. And went to the pub for tea, and also the chippy on Saturday. V. bad. Diet shot to Hell, as is food diary thanks to lack of PC.

I am entirely too dependent on electronic things, I think...

Anyway. Hopefully my computer woes will be over for a while as of Tuesday, thank anything...
Tags: gratuitous spending
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