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Quite an Eventful Weekend

This weekend has been quite insanely sociable...

On Friday, as already mentioned, I moved some bookcases, after traipsing to Iceland to get party food for Saturday.

On Saturday morning, having eaten no breakfast, Paul and I set about moving the videos up into the attic. This didn't actually take too long, so then we started to move the wardrobe up as well. Naturally, we got it nearly to the top when my mum and David turned up, so I was effectively trapped in the attic for a while until we could get it into the room. Then I had to put the piles of videos on the bed back into the wardrobe/unit to get them out of the way (and clear a path to the bed) in case anyone needed to stay over.

Anyway, we now have a shiny new(ish) telly and there is lots of wall space behind it, and my space-age lamp is now a focal point rather than being hidden up high on top of the wardrobe like it was before... And also a black bookcase awaiting shelves and books, so the Book Corner is almost complete...

After that we went out to get food from McDonalds... I think the rain put a lot of people off, as for once it wasn't completely rammed. (I blame the unprecedented McDonalds craving on the girl who got on the bus on Friday with Burger King...) Then we headed off to Blockbuster to find some Rubbish Films (TM) for the evening's festivities, and THEN a trip on the 11 to an off-licence in Cotteridge which sold Brothers Strawberry Perry, as Somerfield did not. As soon as we got off the bus it started hammering it down, of course, so it's probably just as well I hadn't put any washing out like I was intending when I got up and the sun was shining...

Got in, had a bath, and waited for people to arrive...

In attendance were Derek, Lloyd, Denise and Lisa. All of the food got (surprisingly) eaten, and was in fact actually very nice, which surprised me greatly. I stand by my theory that the cheaper equivalents of supermarkets produce nicer-tasting food than their more expensive counterparts (Sainsbury's stuff mostly mings; we bought a bag of Maris Piper potatoes and had to throw half of them away because the middles were BLACK), with the exception of M&S, whose food is lovely. I digress, though.

Our first film selection was Halloween Camp 2: Scream If You Wanna Die Faster. According to IMDb, this bears no resemblance in any way to Halloween Camp 1, apparently, and both had entirely different names in the US. None of this really matters, because it was fairly bog-standard slasher horror with bad acting, eight people who looked alike except for the brunette with glasses and yeah. It was poo. Which was the intention, obviously. Also, the ending was very WTF.

The second film was the ingeniously-titled Vampires vs. Zombies. I say ingenious because at no point did there actually seem to be any vampire vs. zombie action. I cannot stress how bad this film was. I don't think there are words. There was bad dubbing, horrendous acting, a total cast of eight people (who may or may not have been playing different characters; it wasn't actually clear), awful make-up effects (the zombies were DARK GREEN) and Gratuitous Lesbian Sex, and the plot made absolutely no sense whatsoever. I admit we weren't paying it that much attention because it was just so god-awful, but still, the few bits I was actually paying attention to didn't seem to connect in any way to the other bits I'd seen. And, again, the ending was WTF to the power of ten. I would recommend seeing it only because it's too bad to be true and you probably won't believe me until you see it...

Our last film was meant to be the 'better' choice and we got Paradise Lost, which was in cinemas last year, I think. The blurb on the DVD said it was "better than Hostel". Which actually isn't hard, because Hostel was mostly shit. Paradise Lost was made out to be a lot more gory than it actually was. There was one scene of gratuitous gore and the rest involved running / swimming in the dark and people being on holiday in Brazil. And a bus falling off a cliff as the rather sketchy precursor to all of this happening. Not a very impressive film at all, and very slow-moving. Paul was nodding off and the general consensus was that, whilst it wasn't quite as poo as the first two films, it was, nonetheless, quite poo.

It's just as well we hadn't gone for our three-bad-films-and-one-good-one plan, though, as all of our 'good' suggestions (Silent Hill, 28 Days Later and Creep, which I almost re-rented) were shot down by Lloyd as being crap. Also, our possible theme for the next movie night was going to be "crap teen comedy"... Lloyd likes teen comedy. It's like a military manoeuvre. :P

Everyone went home around midnight or thereabouts

On Sunday I didn't do much, at least by comparison to Saturday, but did go out to the pub for lunch with herringprincess, as she was unable to go to the movie night. That was pleasant, as we haven't seen each other in a while, and we had a natter and caught up and stuff. Alison walked home and I got the bus because my leg was hurting from all the furniture-moving the day before (still does a bit today) and sat down to watch 'Stenders on replay. Paul inflicted Human Traffic on me after dinner, which was okay... possibly I am rather missing the point, as for the majority of the film (especially the come-down scenes) I was just thinking "And this is meant to be fun... why?" Still, John Simm, yay.

Back at work today and nothing to report. Except that there's going to be more Jonathan Creek at some point this year. Derek mentioned this on Saturday as coming from the mouth of Alan Davies himself, presumably on QI, which we'd missed (and which isn't on Iplayer - WTF, BBC? Bastards.) and I went to check this morning. I was holding some vague hope for a return of Caroline Quentin, but the article states Jonathan will have yet another new female sidekick... We can only hope she won't be as cataclismically annoying as Carla Borego. (I mean, I love Julia Sawalha, and it's a testament to her acting ability that she could make me HATE HER so much...)

So, the lack of Maddy = sad. The comeback of Jonathan = marvellous, however. Perhaps it'll balance out. I hold out no hope whatsoever of them remembering to mentionh Maddy this time, though... it was tagged on at the end of the last series as something of an afterthought (or so it appeared) and it's been five years since then. Part of me thinks they won't forget her, but a bigger part of me knows full well that Renwick has never been that focused on the Jonathan/Maddy dynamic insofar as it was actually there when he was writing, and he's more than happy to try and recreate that dynamic with Jonathan's latest assistant. FAIL. In a word.

Hrm. I'm betting on a Christmas special, in any event...

I shall now sign this off, as it's getting far too long. I had more to say about the Jonathan Creek thing, but it fell out of my brain on the bus journey home thanks to screaming children and general tiredness. Bah.
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