T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh

Little Irritations

Today has been unnecessarily annoying, and I already want to go home. (As I type this, I've been at work less than an hour...)

For starters, this morning on the bus I was sitting behind the LOUDEST MAN IN THE WORLD, who was having a conversation on his mobile. Also, the battery died in my MP3 despite being fine yesterday so I couldn't listen to any music, although that was probably just as well as Loud Man would undoubtedly have drowned it out...

As for work... there's nothing to do on our side of the building, even though yesterday was insane with urgents (four in a row, at one point, even though they didn't have to be urgent - at lunchtime, no less) and long tapes. So I've been taking work from the other side as they need cover. Everything I've picked up thus far has been too short to even be bothered with (all less than a minute in length), and the second tape of the morning was so fuzzy it was almost completely inaudible. I got what I could out of it and then gave up after 20 minutes. I almost didn't bother trying to type it, but this particular fee earner would doubtless assume the WPO was at fault rather than her crap tape...

I'm not as tired as yesterday, but the general irritation has rather put a damper on, and made me feel a bit meh - like, there's little point being awake if everything's going to be annoying. I'm feeling suspiciously pre-menstrual. I seem to get semi-regular PMT without the actual M part occurring afterwards these days. Whilst the latter is appreciated, the former is not.

Also, I seem to have damaged my left thumb in some fashion. There is a very faint bruise there which doesn't hurt when I poke it, but I can't grip or put any pressure on my left hand without it screaming in agony. Presumably it's another war(drobe) wound from the furniture-moving on Saturday, and it didn't seem to kick in until yesterday when I was doing the washing up and trying to grip a plate. Stupid body.
Tags: annoyances: people, annoyances: public transport, work: legal

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