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That was nice...

A lovely weekend, all told. The weather has been gorgeous, I've managed to get two large loads of washing done and engaged in non-energetic activities despite the heat...

Mind you, Friday was kind of annoying. I did intend to write about it at the time, but in the end chose not to because most of the annoyances were petty little things (including a ridiculous Air Conditioning Drama at work, Sandra being completely useless again and my having to go and chase her - as a little test later on when I was bored, I copy-typed [and tidied up, putting in paragraphs] what she'd taken about five hours to do, and did so in 30 minutes...) which simply weren't worth worrying about.

Paul had gone to a leaving do (another one!) after work and rang me up frantically at one point because he'd lost his debit card and wanted me to go online, find out his debit card number, ring the bank and cancel it (it amazes me that in order to cancel a card which one has LOST, one needs to provide the NUMBER of the card... because we all remember them off by heart, obviously) - he tried to give me his online banking login details over the phone but it wouldn't work, so he said he'd come home and cancel it... Then he rang me up again 10 minutes later to say that, in fact, the bar staff had merely neglected to give it back, KEPT IT, and denied all knowledge the first time he'd asked about it. WTF? The whole thing was just full of fail, really.

We had what was left of the Iceland party boxes for tea - bits of chickeny goodness and spring rolls, and... I think that's about it, actually. I don't think we did anything else remotely productive.

On Saturday morning I went out with herringprincess to see Mamma Mia!, which was really very good. As anticipated, Meryl Streep was the best thing about it (she makes everything she's in great; The Devil Wears Prada would be rubbish without her), and Pierce Brosnan made a valiant effort at singing but clearly wasn't that comfortable with it. It's a very feel-good film - as is the musical, which is probably why it's still going so strong in London - but despite that there were a couple of moments which made me tear up. I think they just hit a raw nerve, though. Apparently I am one of those people who cry at weddings, even fictitious ones. ;)

The rest of Saturday was mostly unproductive. We watched the 2007 remake of Sleuth from the On-Demand service out of morbid curiosity (the original is better) and nothing much else.

Sunday was equally unproductive. After Eastenders Paul and I went for a walk in the sunshine, up to Highbury park and through it, then up to Kings Heath park and back that way. In the evening we watched Brazil whilst wilting from the heat, and then went to bed.

Hello, summer! :)

Mind you, when we had that heatwave two years ago, it was about this hot in early June and then kept getting warmer, so this is actually a lot better. This is NORMAL. And our office has air conditioning, so hopefully I won't get ill again...

In other news, I think *touches wood* my hyperhidrosis might be clearing up. Given it's been very hot lately and usually just walking to work from the bus stop results in horrible sweatiness, my 'pits have been surprisingly... not horrible. I've been using the Pitrok stuff I bought ages ago after showering, plus occasional applications of the Driclor (the horrible stinging prescription stuff), and regular application of Boots' own uber-anti-perspirant, and... it's actually working.

I'm not going to get my hopes up just yet, though. It may well be that the combination of different chemicals are working, for once. I'm convinced that the condition started whilst I was stressed at Ladywood (I remember it being particularly bad in the summer - aka the Heatwave of Doom - but I can also remember being overheated whilst doing the shredding in January and having damp patches then...) and has taken this long to calm down again... I'm also eating a little better (more veggies than before) and it may be having a positive effect on my general hormone balance. Or, as I suspected, it might have been a side effect of my previous pills (the Microgynon) and since changing them to the Cerazette my body is re-adapting to yet another hormone re-balance.

It could be any number of things. Either way, I was dreading the summer because of it and to have it apparently clearing up is a very good thing indeed...

Now I just need to Lose Some Weight. And also buy some better scales. I cannot have put on half a stone since I last checked. I just can't. If that's true, I was overweight a stone-and-a-half ago. :(

Aaanyway. That's enough of that. Over and out.

(PS: Note to self - check cinema times for new X-Files movie and post to Facebook for those going...)
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