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Oh my God. OH MY GOD.



That is all.

(I made the horrible error of mopping the kitchen floor a few minutes ago and right now am meant to be doing prep-work on my Greek-style pie because it takes so bloody long to cook, but am taking a breather from the OHGODSOHOT. Alas, the mopping was an essential chore because Paul spilt an entire glass of wine on the floor last night. To be fair, it was an accident. We bought a bag of Maris Piper potatoes and 90% of them had gone completely rotten and spongy and LEAKED everywhere, so he touched one and - understandably - recoiled in horror, sending the glass flying... But still. GAH. SO BLOODY HOT.)

ETA: YAY THUNDER! (It's about time...)
Tags: british weather, random
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