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Lots of Films...

Well... three, anyway. That's all this weekend has involved, really.

On Saturday I met up with Denise (and subsequently Lloyd, as it turned out) to see The X-Files: I Want to Believe. I thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you very much. I won't do a full review because I should really have done one after the event, except I didn't get back until about 7.30 and was slightly tipsy. So instead, here are some of my favourite bits, in no particular order. Spoilers!

  • Billy Connolly. Who was actually surprisingly good.

  • The George Bush / J Edgar Hoover photographs with spooooky music over them at the FBI. That made me laugh.

  • The pencils-in-the-ceiling. Lost on newcomers, but a nice nod to those of us who remember. :)

  • Mulder is still a big child. Nothing changes.

  • SKINNER! :D That was a pleasant surprise. Best line: "This is Mulder. He'd call first. He wouldn't do anything crazy.", with Scully's "are you kidding me??" expression. Heh.

  • And, for some reason, Skinner locking the Russian doctors up in their own cages was sort of... unintentially hilarious.

  • Mulder's beard. It's a million worlds of wrong, but also oddly symbolic. The fact that he didn't bother shaving it off on his first visit back to the FBI, but as soon as the case began to pique his interest it was gone. It was an instant return to the old Mulder again, which in itself was kind of strange because Scully steadfastly refused to go back to form throughout, which was utterly brilliant. They've both changed into different people, but it's scary how quickly Mulder can switch back... which is exactly what the problem seemed to be in their relationship at that point...

  • ...because obviously, I'm not going to ignore that aspect of the film either. I'm glad that after all this time, Chris Carter caved under the peer pressure and gave the fans that much. I said before that the ending of the ninth season was played exactly right, and did not disappoint, and this movie was no different. As ever, it's the little things which speak volumes. Scully's quiet admission killed me, and that kiss made my heart stop. It had Carter's stamp all over it directorially, too, prolonging the important moment enough that you think he'll play with our minds as much as ever.

Overall, then? I really enjoyed it. I could say an awful lot more about the Mulder/Scully dynamic, but I'd rather let it wait until The Big Rewatch, which I am now more than ever inspired to do. My intention was to be more objective, but given my brain's consistent tendency towards shipping, I feel that plan may disappear. In any case, it'll be interesting to watch the relationship develop all over again...

Of the evening Paul and I attempted to get Batman Begins to work on Virgin, but they were full of fail. So instead we watched it on Sunday morning, and then headed out to see The Dark Knight in the afternoon...

It was just as well we did watch ...Begins first otherwise I would have been slightly confused, I think. Anyway. Yes. It's very good. Heath Ledger is excellent. You've heard it all before, I'm sure. Personally, I spent the entire movie wondering why the name of Harvey Dent was so painfully familiar, then kicked myself when I realised. ;) Two-Face is really quite scary, more so than the Joker.

Best line: "Madness is like gravity. All it needs is a little... push!" (the Joker, obviously, whilst hanging upside down.)

I'm quite looking forward to the next instalment (apparently Johnny Depp is cast as the Riddler), and I was saying to Paul whether they might bring in Catwoman and/or the Penguin since they seem to be re-imagining all the other villains. But at the same time, I don't think anyone could top Danny de Vito. I suppose we'll see.

In other, non-film-related news, Centro have forgotten to send me my pass AGAIN. That's twice they've managed it. I was going to switch back to a TWM card anyway, and this has provided a more than adequate excuse, You fail, Centro. I was only holding onto the Centro card as a means of using non-TWM buses, and having a 'Zone 1' card means I can get as far as the Jewellery Quarter / Five Ways on a train and hence there's little point in having one. When I was using the train regularly it worked out cheaper, and perhaps if Kings Heath station ever re-opens I may go back to one, but it's not worth the extra money any more. Both Centro and TWM are obviously in league with Satan, so it's a literal case of the lesser of two evils. ;)

I'm on my own this week. So far it hasn't been too annoying... Anyway, I'll post this and do another hour's work, then it's lunchtime... *munches on Scotch egg*
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