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See subject. Meh.

I had an early night last night and appear to have had too much sleep instead of too little, as I'm exhausted... Although, having said that, because I've been on my own at work this week (both Sandra and Noor are off) I've been doing full days every day instead of being able to leave early on Mondays and Wednesday as usual. Thankfully it hasn't been too insanely busy (no panic dictation) but I suppose the full days may account for the tiredness.

I've had some coffee and now I'm all jittery. I attribute this to the fact I've been trying to cut down on morning coffee and now my body is all OMGYAYCAFFEINE! Oddly, I feel kind of... drunk. The combination of half-asleepness and too-quick coffee consumption. I can remember feeling like this on the Mocha Crawl of Ultimate Random in Manchester with Eni allll that time ago, but that was after about three mochas... Hrm.

REALLY strange dream this morning (filtered post), vaguely Phantom-related. I've been re-reading the original novel, so I suppose it's at least vaguely sensible...

I phoned Centro about my travelcard yesterday. Both times this has happened they have failed to offer an apology, merely a confirmation that they haven't sent it... which I would have thought was blatantly obvious, but anyway. At least this time the woman on the phone offered to send it first class, rather than saying it would either be with me in a week or I'd have to go and pick it up... Hopefully it should turn up tomorrow. I also cancelled it whilst I was on the phone so will get this month's payment refunded (I think), and I need to get some photos done this weekend to apply for a normal bus pass again. (Note to self: check pricing online.)

Thank anything, we have a quiet weekend. I'm vaguely hoping for some half-decent weather so I can put some washing out (bed linen, specifically), but given the miserable weather this week, I doubt it will happen. Typical British summer: one week of sweltering heat, then the Weather Gods realise their mistake and dump buckets of water on us. :( And not even any thunder to make it interesting, either.

It's my mum's birthday on Monday. I've got her something from Pier already but will have a look down Poplar Road on Saturday to see what else I can find. We're going to Jimmy Spices on Monday evening for a meal, which should be nice...

Anyway. Best sign this one off...
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