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My Bwain Hurts.

Hangover + being at work = OW.

We went out last night for my mum's birthday. Generally a very pleasant evening, with the downside of the weather conspiring against me just for kicks. I decided to get the 1 from Moseley because we were meeting at the Figure of Eight on Broad Street, except the first bus which came along was a 1E, which only goes as far as Five Ways, so I had to walk from there. The exact moment I stepped off the bus, the heavens opened. I did consider standing in the underpass until it stopped, but I'd already got mostly soaked trying to get my bearings from the bus stop, so I just risked it. Whilst waiting to cross the road, a man in a car decided, because I must have looked so amusingly like a drowned rat, that waving at me in an obnoxious, "I'm in a car and dry, haha" fashion was hilariously funny and witty. If my hands hadn't been full, he would have received a less than kind gesture in return. Honestly, why are some drivers such complete bastards?

Anyway, we were going to go to Jimmy Spices, but instead went over the road to Foggs: Around the World in 80 Dishes, which turned out to sound more exotic than it actually was. It was pretty much exactly like Jimmy Spices: a buffet format with the focus on Indian / Chinese food and some vague attempt at Italian with some lasagne and pasta salads, although the food itself was a lot nicer than Jimmy's, I thought - not as overwhelmingly spicy and better choice for the starters. It took three attempts and four different servers to actually get our drinks brought to the table, though, and said drinks were quite expensive (£16.95 for a bottle of rosé, with a grand total of two to choose from, no less).

Afterwards we went back to the Figure of Eight for more drinks and random conversation, and then home. The wine finished me off... I think I fell asleep quite quickly, but woke up at 4.00am, dehydrated and too hot, so had to open the window despite the rain.

It's not a particularly bad hangover, but I'd still rather be in bed. :P I've been feeding it coffee, water and cocodamol in an effort to fight it off.

(Two hours later: feeling much better, though hungry. Nearly lunchtime, hurrah.)

Oh, and at the weekend I watched far too many films: most of Chaplin and then The Mummy on ITV1 on Saturday (they're showing The Mummy Returns this week) and Pirates 2 and 3 on Sunday evening, with a break in the middle to cook dinner. ;) I really like the third film, actually, despite the plotdump...

Tonight's chores to-do list, which nobody is interested in, but otherwise I'll forget:

~ put clean towels away
~ put in black load (the bad weather has made me very disinclined to do laundry)
~ tidy living room
~ do washing up
~ tidy bedroom.

In no particular order.

Right. Will post, and then carry on doing work.
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