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A letter.

Dearest Summertime,

I can't help but notice you seem to have disappeared, quite without precedence.

Now, I know that you were quite vehement a couple of years ago; nay, you were insistent. And I must apologise for complaining quite so much as I did at that time, but you did make me very unwell. I also understand that last year, you may have taken a well-deserved holiday after bombarding us with such high temperatures in 2006, and that is quite understandable.

However, you appear to have no excuse this year. I apologise for whinging when it warms up, but there's no need to sulk about it. That heatwave the other week was actually rather pleasant, and some more of the same before your colleague, Wintertime, returns to duty would be much appreciated.

Ditheringly yours,


I had to put the fire on last night. IN AUGUST. Currently I am wearing a JUMPER. This is getting bloody stupid.

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