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Still Cold

Luckily it's Friday so I am able to dress down and hence am wearing a big woolly cardigan. Both of my work cardies are drying, hence why I was freezing yesterday. Doesn't help either that apparently the rest of the office were overheating and keep putting the air conditioning on, which I sit right underneath...

I had to put the quilt on the bed last night, too. And I was still cold.

On the plus side, I managed to do about 2500 not-particularly-insightful words of my Pirates-fic. I want to get the majority of my 'plot', such as it is, down before I work on prettifying it. The brief writing lull since May has cast me out of practice again, unfortunately, and also it's a fandom which, writing-wise, I'm not familiar with. There are too many obviously recognisable characters; Jackisms are more difficult than you might think, then there's Barbossa and Tia Dalma, though I'm having fun with the latter. ;)

The part I got to last night didn't quite go in the direction I intended it to, but hopefully I can rectify that. As usual, my 'short' ideas end up being stupidly long...

It's a quiet one today. Roll on hometime.
Tags: british weather, fandom: pirates, writing: fanfiction
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