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Well, that was disappointing.

I just sat down to watch La Vie En Rose on Sky Premier, only to discover they seem to have messed up the subtitles, with every line in about 20 actually showing up. I don't think it's intentional (if so, WHY?) but yeah, my French ain't that good. :P Judging by what I just read briefly on IMDB, it seems like the plot jumps around all over the place to different bits of Piaf's life, so it wouldn't even be that easy to follow even if I could figure out what was going on in each scene. As it stands, the lines which have been subtitled correctly look like some kind of plot skeleton around which you must fill in the gaps. Make your own plot!

X-Factor it shall be, then. If I can't have culture, I'll watch some freaks trying to sing. :P

On the other hand, I managed to watch Atonement last night, which was bloody brilliant. Must get a hold of the book, now.

Also, 3K words on Pirates-fic and counting. :)
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