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Monday, Monday...

It occurs to me that I've managed to watch a quite insane amount of films this month. Mamma Mia, Dark Knight and X-Files at the cinema with various different people, and countless others at home, including: Brazil, The Mummy and The Mummy Returns one week after each other, Atonement, Pirates 2 and 3 (in the same day), some of Chaplin and Bowling for Columbine, although that's technically not a film... I'm sure there are a few more that I'm forgetting.

Pirates fic is up to 3K words at last count, though I added some yesterday...

I also managed to book some tickets, finally, yesterday: for Nosferatu on Hallowe'en at Town Hall (possibly I may organise a party for the Saturday, we'll see) and Cabaret at the Rep at some point in September. I'm going to get Mary Poppins booked tonight as the Council have managed a half-arsed attempt at a discount: 2nd and 3rd price band tickets for £20, on Monday to Wednesday evening performances. It has to be booked in person or by telephone and is only valid for August - bearing in mind they didn't inform us of this until the 12th, of course... Still, the prices are HORRIBLY expsensive (like, over £20 for the lowest price range and in excess of £40 for the highest) so the discount is much appreciated. I need to book it tonight because it's almost completely sold out. I've known about this for over a year but funds have prevented me booking it until now, and as it is I'm having to plonk it on the credit card and pay it off next month.

At least my entertainment diary is looking a bit fuller again. :) I was on the mailing lists at one point but I think they're all going to my mum's address, so I have no clue what's on any more. Which is good for my bank balance, I suppose, but kind of annoying. I've missed The Car Man (Matthew Bourne ballet set to the music of Carmen) and Our House (through very frustrating circumstances) and both of the sequels to Mrs Brown's Last Wedding (ditto) and god only knows what else. Also managed to miss Rent for its brief stint in London because of being utterly skint.

Being why I really shouldn't ever move to London, because I'll never actually be able to eat... :P As it stands, my list of London shows gets longer by the day. I usually fall back on wanting to see Phantom when I get the chance to go down there, because I live in constant fear of ALW going temporarily insane and deciding to close it. If he can do it to Cats (which, at the point it closed, was London's longest-running musical), he can do it to POTO, and quite frankly I don't want the musical's living memory to be that awful travesty of a film, when the stage musical is four million times better. I have a vague hope that he appreciates the impact this show has on a lot of people, and will not make bad decisions. As much as I love the man, he can be very stupid when it comes to financial or creative ideas.

This is a very rambling entry, from which you should be able to tell that there is nothing to do at work today. *rolls eyes* The lack of children on the buses is much appreciated, but other than that, the summer holidays are a pain in the bum. The children are all over town instead, and the people with children are off work and unable to give the WPOs any work. :P

Oh, and miss_scooter should know that the gum stuff in the tin seems to work on my hair, to a degree, but when I get it trimmed I'll get him to take more off the top because it's just too heavy... I think my hair officially repels everything I throw at it barring straighteners...

I'm going to sign this off now before I ramble any further...
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