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All booked.

Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to composim!

Mary Poppins is now all booked up. I also remembered the other reason why I left it so long to book, which was because it was originally listed as having Connie Fisher (who won the Maria search for Sound of Music) as Mary, and I cannot stand her, and hence didn't want to see it because of that. (Being why I've also waited to see SoM until she ended her run.) As Connie is no longer performing in the UK tour, I've just been procrastinating about actually booking it. Anyway, we are going on Tuesday 26th August, so hurrah. Seats weren't too bad, considering... and ended up about half the price they should have been, with the discount.

I was also quite naughty and had a look in New Look because they had a sale, and came out with a couple of pairs of jeans. I've been craving jeans for a while - I don't think I've bought a new pair in about two years - so got a nice, stretchy black pair and another pale blue, worn-effect pair with pretty embroidery. The black ones were £10 as they were, and I thought the others were in the sale as £10 as well but they don't actually appear to be after all, so were £23 instead. Both size 14, so that's good. I refused to believe Primark's stupid sizing assertion that I should be a size 16. The latter pair are a little tight around the leg but hopefully if I lose some weight they'll be okay, and both pairs are - as usual - too big around the waist because of my enormous thighs. I probably could have gotten away with the black ones in a 12, as they're quite stretchy, but I don't want to run the risk of them shrinking in the wash, and anyway - again, if I lose some weight - they'll hang low / baggy and look good 'n' grungy, which is what I want.

I had some black jeans a while ago that I never wore because I didn't like the shape of them. They were too short and not flared enough, which was a shame, because they were very good quality - Wranglers, in fact. I had some skinny black jeans when I was about 16 but I was also a size 10, then. ;)

Mm, retail therapy...

*puts credit card away* That's it. No more spending now until Christmas.
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