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Last night was pleasant. Lisa came up to share our bank holiday dinner of roast pork with trimmings, and then we watched Cloverfield.

It reminded me a lot of The Blair Witch Project, not just in the way it was shot, but in the way it was hyped a lot before it actually came out, along with the sense of not quite seeing what's going on. There were a few "WTF" moments, such as the battery life on the camera being apparently endless, said camera apparently being indestructible, and the fact that this one person would just keep on filming even when Manhattan (and himself, apparently) is being eaten alive, but if you can overlook those few little things, it's quite enjoyable.

I was very surprised by the monster in question not actually being Godzilla, as I had been under the impression that it was basically a Godzilla movie for the 21st century. The weird alien / dinosaur thing (with little baby alien bugs, whut?) was effectively unnerving, though. It has lots of clichéd horror elements like things jumping at you, not really seeing the monster properly, and things that can see in the dark but which you can't see (until your camera conveniently has night-vision...)

The entire thing ends with a typical American reaction to any crisis: if in doubt, blow it up.

I would definitely recommend it. Quite glad I didn't see it in the cinema, though, as I would probably have been sick from the dodgy camerawork...

Going to see Mary Poppins tonight, hurrah. And going to Pizza Express for tea to use up the voucher before it expires.

In other news, I have the longest file note known to man to tackle - 2.5 blue tapes, which equates about about 1 hour 15 minutes of dictation - so I'd better get on with it...
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