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Hrm. Compared to last week, which was absolutely frelling insane in terms of work to do, and generally annoying in terms of everything else because I was knackered for most of it, this week is the exacty opposite. There is now nothing to do.

On the plus side, I've managed to scrape my flex up to a full day at last, so with any luck I'll be able to have a random day off at some point. And choir starts again tomorrow, so the flex-building will be quicker.

I feel sort of restless today. I blame the weather. August has been rubbish and it's like I've been waiting for the weather to improve without it ever happening, which makes me... not want to do anything. It's odd. I'm lagging behind on household stuff like cleaning the kitchen and doing the washing because a) I've been too tired and b) if the weather is poo I can't put said washing outside and it takes a week to dry in the attic, so I end up falling behind with it.

The sense of restlessness manifested at the weekend, really. We had a quiet one for the most part. Paul was out on Friday night to celebrate his last evening of cigarette freedom, and then out again Saturday afternoon to play pool. I started various things whilst he was out and didn't finish them: reading fics, planned to update some of my own, started watching series 1 of Most Haunted and gave up after two episodes... And yesterday was the same. I sat through the 'Stenders omnibus and spent the next couple of hours trying to subdue the boredom until I could cook tea.

As for Most Haunted - I read through old community posts on Friday on a whim and got it into my head that I would watch the live event on Friday. I managed half an hour and gave up. That wasn't even enough time to cut to Yvette and crew at the location itself. What with two breaks in the space of that half-hour and the interview with the BIGGEST MOST HAUNTED FAN EVAR!!!111one, and the presenter being annoying and dressing up historian Lesley in silly costumes, it just... feels all wrong. Paul Ross is not David Bull, and Lesley is not Richard Felix. And I think they had the annoying psychic artist guy on again and he irritates me at the best of times.

Hence why I started watching series one, to remind myself of the good old days. Obviously my brain wasn't in the mood.

*sigh* That was a great fandom for a while. :( mosthauntedgeek's modship has been passed on to someone else, which is better than it being deleted. As I said to the old mod in her latest post to that effect, I consider that community a sort of 'last hurrah' before everything fell apart around me, and I would hate to see it disappear for that reason alone. I lost all of my other fandoms one after the other in the same year (Buffy and Farscape and several others) and then gained one more to pour all of my energy into, and the whole thing just... went wrong at the same time I lost all energy to care any more. An unfortunate coincidence, and perhaps if I'd been of sounder mind at the time I would have stuck with it...

I always used to joke that TV kept me sane; I never for one minute imagined it might be true... Fandom has always been my way of venting my emotions, whether that's angst or complete insanity, and when I didn't have a fandom any more (or at least, not a current one, and was disinclined to get up and find a DVD or video of an old one) all of the brain-garbage got internalised. Which probably accounts for my endless feelings, more than anything else, of complete, futile frustration at everything.

This stuff is always so interesting in retrospect. It's a shame we can't figure it out at the time... although even if I had, I think I'd gotten myself into a vicious cycle of nothingness anyway, and wouldn't have had the emotional capacity to deal with a new fandom in a sane manner.

In other fandom-related news, Channel Four have finally pulled their fingers out to bring us the rest of season 2 of Ugly Betty. For some reason the DVDs haven't been released yet, so my plan of spiting them went out of the window. Never mind the fact that season three starts in about four weeks in the US. Ah, well, it was nice being up to speed for a while.

Also, someone has brought in some Herschey's mini bars from their holiday and yeah. America cannot do chocolate. Herscheys with fillings is okay (their "Crunch" equivalent was edible), but their bog-standard no-frills chocolate absolutely mings. It has this really awful aftertaste. They may excel at cookies, but they should leave the cocoa-based confectionary to the experts. Chocolate is the one thing that makes me glad to be British, and also a Brummie. *hugs the Cadbury factory*

(Note to self: send doec some Real Chocolate. :P)

That's about it...
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