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I Need an LJ Subject Header Transplant

Or I need to make entries which are about one thing instead of many. :P

So, first choir rehearsal back was actually not too bad, although seemed to take very long to get going. One of the exciting things this season will be group vocal training. I think we should get to have two sessions over the course of the year, as they'll be for 20 minutes (during the course of rehearsal) in same-voice groups of five, taken by someone called Julian Wilkins... if I remember correctly, he took us for a couple of rehearsals whilst Adrian was in America...

Oh, in other singing-y type news, I've made myself a bet. Last year's X-Factor was won by one Leon Jackson, who was up against Rhydian in the final. As much as I didn't think Rhydian should even have been there, he was clearly the superior candidate when it came to the sing-off. As a consequence of this awful final result, I said to myself: "Well, if THAT can win, what the heck am I doing sitting here?!" and found myself suddenly perched on the brink of auditioning for the damned thing. I literally got as far as the application form online before my brain kicked into gear and said "What the bloody Hell are you doing?" and made me step away from the internet.

So, my bet with myself is this: if there are two more wholly unsuitable and terrible winners in a row, I will audtion for X-Factor. By which time, I will be 28, and obviously shoved into the "over-25s / freaks" category. ;)

For the sake of my sanity and my future, please vote for someone good to win. :P

Current annoyance (or rather, persistent annoyance): West Midlands Travel. Back at the start of August I cancelled my Centro card, mostly because of the expense, but also because I was getting fed up of them forgetting to send it to me. So I went online and ordered an ordinary four-week bus pass from TWM instead. On 13th August, they happily took £42.50 out of my account to pay for said pass. My Centrocard expires tomorrow, and I asked for the new pass to start on 5th September - and obviously, it has yet to arrive.

It's been so long since I had a normal bus pass that I can't remember if they send it in advance or right on time, so I have no choice right now but to wait until the 5th to see if it bloody well turns up.

Also, they seem to have stopped doing their better-value-for-money monthly cards by direct debit, and only do the four-weekly ones instead. It's still cheaper than paying bus fare, but annoying nonetheless. ESPECIALLY IF THEY DON'T DAMN WELL SEND THE THING.


I've been re-reading Come Forward again recently, having gone through the mosthauntedgeek and _mhotp_ backposts, and am actually... half-inspired to finish it. I had the plot completely figured out on my PC and those notes are in quite a detailed format, so it wouldn't be too difficult to finish, I think. Getting back into the flow of the narrative would be the tricky part, and I haven't watched the show for ages so would need to remind myself of the episode references I was going to throw in.

At the time I started it, my plan was that it would be just different enough from Most Haunted not to get me in trouble, whilst being a feasible original idea in and of itself. Unfortunately I think it's far too MH-heavy. I changed the character names, but they're still a bit obvious. 'Yvelyn Meadows', for example. There's a reason for that spelling. :P It's no longer a viable option for getting me published, unless I can somehow get permission from Most Haunted and all who sail in her, the prospect of which sort of fills me with vague terror...

Still, I do want to finish it. It's one in a long list of things which were fully formed in my brain and didn't get finished because of brain-slump, and I'd like to finish all of them at some point. Sweet Intoxication, Broken Record, Come Forward... both of my epic Jonathan Creek fics, and now Strange Glue is on the list. Making plans for things does inspire me to finish them, but it also unfortunately uses up a lot of creative energy at the same time. I have the ideas and need to write them down so I don't forget (thank goodness, because I would have done) but then it's almost like the thing is finished, in its own way... the hard work is what's left, rather than the fun part of creating it.

Ah well. Watch this space.

Or, in fact, watch a different space, as I'm ever more tempted to start an LJ for my fanfic. Someone on sparrabeth suggested I should, and even though I started my DJ with that purpose, it kind of fell on its arse, and was only for my benefit. It would require regular updating and dedication, so I'll have to think about it...

Was that rambly enough for you?

PS: To any that may be interested, there's another open rehearsal for the choir in a couple of weeks. I'll scan the flyer tonight and post it...
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