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Cabaret, etc.

It were good. And, thankfully, free of screaming toddlers. ;) This entry will not be particularly insightful because a) I'm knackered and b) my finger hurts because I broke the skin around my nail, so typing is a bugger.

It was very different from the film: a few more songs and less characters / plot. I was also quite surprised to find that the 'Brian' character (or Clifford, as he is in the show) was American, whilst Sally was British.

I'd forgotten that Wayne Sleep was a shortarse. :)

Paul figured out that actually, the gratuitous nudity was not, in fact, gratuitous, as it was meant to represent a gas chamber. I totally didn't get that. I knew it was meant to be symbolic of SOMETHING, but couldn't figure out what.

In particular, "Tomorrow Belongs to Me" was quite sinister and foreboding, but my favourite bit was during "If You Could See Her..." The Emcee's costume was half-and-half with the back of it being a pig in a wedding dress (as opposed to a person in a gorilla suit in the film), and midway through the song he turned around and ddi an impressive bit of ballet so it looked like the pig was dancing... and then Wayne Sleep appeared from behind the curtain. ;) There was a lovely bit of audience participation. "You don't think that was me? You think I'm too old to do that?"

He indulged us in an impressive series of pirouettes, though, after which he sounded quite breathless. So, er... yes. He probably is too old. Still. Wayne Sleep! Ee!

(And possibly in fact a nekkid Wayne Sleep at the end, though I couldn't actually see and I think he was hidden behind other nekkid people.)

Sally was played by Sam, who I believe came third in the ALW Nancy competition, and she was actually okay. She belted her two main solos very well, at least.

That's all I can say. I did warn against the lack of substance.

I didn't end up stage-door-stalking Mr Sleep because my stomach was playing merry hell and I just wanted to lie down. I over-indulged horribly yesterday without intending to... I had a Pret cookie for breakfast, which will ordinarily last me until lunchtime quite easily. Except then there was birthday cake (sickly, buttery birthday cake of cakely deliciousness) downstairs, and home-made samosas (mmmm, samosas) on our floor, and it all went to hell. I had my lunch at lunchtime, and we went to Zizzi to make use of the voucher for dinner before the show, even though I wasn't hungry, after which my stomach was bloated, painful and making interesting noises... :(

If I'd been feeling well, I would have gone to find the stage door, but I just couldn't face it. I am more than happy to have seen Wayne Sleep performing in something, though, especially as I managed to miss him playing the Child Catcher in Chitty....

Today I am having a HUNGRY day. Or it could be wind, I don't know. ;) Thankfully the worst of the stomach grumbliness has passed today. I also have sniffles because of the damned weather. I concede; the heating is going on.

Also, I went into Primark yesterday lunchtime to buy a bra. Er, which you all wanted to know. ;) The one I was wearing was annoying me by being entirely the wrong shape, so I just had to get a new one and Primark was cheap and easy. I also managed to find a black / dark grey zip-up hoody, finally, though had to dig for one in a size 12 - and Primark's bizarre sizing fails again. It's practially too small - all my other size 12 tops from there have been fine. CONSISTENCY. Learn it.

Anyway. I treated myself to a M&S lunch today and there is tabbouleh in my wrap. :)
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