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Not-quite-so-Spring Cleaning

We had something of a blitz on the flat yesterday. I cleaned the kitchen on Wednesday night (or it might have been Friday, I can't remember now) and yesterday Paul did the floors and I did the bathroom - which included, I should add, mopping the walls.

Yes, you did read that right...

We needed a new mop, as the one we bought when we moved in was one of those bits-of-rope-tied-to-a-stick types and has gone all stiff and horrible. So we got a slightly better one, and a squeegy type one for the express purpose of cleaning the bathroom tiles. It's too small a room to get the step-ladder out, but the ceilings are too high to reach on my own.

The amount of dust up there was terrifying... After mopping they were literally 2-3 shades cleaner, and the colour of the water afterwards was horrifying.

Still - cleeeean now! I need to dust the shelves in the kitchen tonight and possible have a little rearrangement in there, as I am questioning the sanity of keeping the stereo on top of the microwave... :|

Shepherd's pie for tea yesterday (and lunch today), using frozen mash from Iceland for £1 a bag, which turned out to be much better value than Aunt Bessie's and just as tasty. We stocked up on some frozen stuff while we were in there to avoid having to go to Asda for another couple of months.

Oh, I thought I'd broken the fridge yesterday, too... I was cleaning the wall behind the bin because it tends to get covered in a fine layer of crud (to put it bluntly), and I unplugged the fridge in order to wipe down the top of the plug, and when I plugged it back in it made no sound... Seemed to be fine a few minutes later, though. It doesn't help that for some reason, there's no light in there...

In other news, still no sign of my bus pass. On checking the details of my account on the website it quite clearly states three important things:

1. The transaction / process is "Completed", which means...

2. ...the pass will be sent "2-3 days prior" to the start date

3. The pass should be from "05/09/2008 to 02/10/2008"

All of which mean they should bloody well have sent it by now. I will give them one more day (i.e. today) before phoning them up to shout at them.

Y'know, I cancelled my Centrocard for this exact same reason. TWM have usually been quite good about sending the pass out. Clearly my address is jinxed.

I also watched Ghost Hunting With... on Saturday night following X-Factor, because there was very little else on and the lure of Yvette Fielding dragged me in. ;) The episode was 'with' Paul O'Grady and 'friends', who included Jennifer Ellison and some other annoying Scouse-type people who I'd never heard of. Jennifer Ellison was the most annoying of all of them, screaming melodramatically at the slightest little thing.

It was absolutely awful. I'm not even joking. The last location they visited was creepy and fascinating (the Capucine Catacombs in Sicily, which houses over 8000 bodies, the majority of which are hanging on the walls, mummified) but unlike Most Haunted, there was no repetition of the apparent 'noises' they heard. I did get some sadistic gratification about said location reducing Yvette to tears, but I perhaps wouldn't have found it so cruelly amusing if not for the fact that she seemed to be painting herself as some fearless, gothic Queen of the Night, a stalwart ghost hunter who is Never Afraid, and bravely leads her willing victims into Certain Terror.

This is not the screaming, screeching, coward of an Yvette which we grew to know and love, and it was sort of horrible to watch. It was so bad that I ended up watching some of the real thing in the form of Most Haunted on Living. I started with an old series 5 episode (Appuldurcombe House) because it had Derek in it and reminded me of the good old days, but kept switching back to the newer one on the other side because their seance was more interesting.

I should really re-watch the DVDs, and buy the rest of the series, to try and catch up on it. When they get interesting footage it reminds me why I started watching in the first place, despite the fact the crew sucked me in with their personalities and kept me interested... It may be a case these days of overlooking all the things which went wrong and focusing on what they're trying to achieve.

I have never doubted Most Haunted or their mission. I just wish they hadn't been tempted by the bright lights of America and the potential money-making of it, because things were so much better when it was a niche interest, when our little LJ community was a clique of nutters, and when the most important thing was the ghost-hunting, not the fan appeal. The popularity is tried and tested; this is a show which could have died on its arse, but it's stood the test of time and I believe it could go on for another five years, perhaps more. As long as there are haunted places in Britain - in the world - there will be Most Haunted.

They've never cheated or faked anything; I firmly believe that. What would be the point? It would immediately discredit the entire show if it was discovered, and people would lose interest, lose heart, lose faith. There has been an awful lot of shit-stirring both internally and externally, and I don't think we'll ever really know why Derek fell out of favour (and, in his wake, Richard Felix, Matthew Smith, David Bull...), but it has remained true to its core values.

I think my point here was: rubbish spin-offs like Ghost Hunting with... (itself made by the same production company, Antix, which kind of makes it worse) remind me why Most Haunted remains eminently popular and superior. They found a format that worked, and I think that's the key...

Aaaand finally, I conceded defeat and put the heating on Friday night. Which is vaguely ridiculous, really, because it's only the beginning of September, even though the wind and rain would have you believe otherwise. *shakey fist* Stupid weather.
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