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Photo Meme.

Stolen from jackiesjottings...

1) STOP.

2) Grab a camera.

3) Take a picture of your desk - don't fiddle around with it/tidy it/etc.

4) Post on your journal.

One very messy desk. Enough said. The pile of CDs by the little cupboard is a collection of old DOS games I've been working through in DOSBox, namely Toonstruck, Simon the Sorceror and Day of the Tentacle. There's a box of blank CDs at the back and a collection of what looks like bank statements (??) and the installation instructions for the scanner, and the rest is just notebooks and stuff. The various pictures are, from left to rigt / top to bottom: a birthday card with Greta Garbo on it, a Plan 9 from Outer Space poster, two printed-off scanned Pierre Atget prints of Paris circa 1910, the 'legend' for my post-it note endeavour to organise writing ideas, though the actual ideas are elsewhere, and a minature version of the Moulin Rouge poster which was wrapped around it when I bought it.

I have no idea why there's a roll of duck tape on the desk, either...

I don't think there's anything else of interest...
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