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Hurrah for modern technology...


I was going to share photographs of the purple hair, but it'll have to wait because my phone is being an ARSE. It was more than content to email the photograph from yesterday (the PC desk) but is now refusing to cooperate. I dunno if it's Virgin or the phone itself, but it's incredibly annoying. I have the Motorola Phonetools software, but it's more trouble than it's worth trying to get it to recognise the bloody phone in the first place.

Meh. I shall reinstall Paul's Samsung software and bluetooth them to him, as that seems to work better. Watch this space.

Just as well I decided against posting the photographs of more free stuff to see if there was interest, really. I figured there's never interest, so no point bothering. I noticed the base of my t-shirt drawer was sagging and decided to have a bit of a clear out, so have a pile of about six tops I never wear to take to the charity shop. Including my infamous Not-A-Lesbian shirt, because it is no longer valid - or at least the "No, I haven't got a boyfriend" part...

Bah. I would like a camera now, please. As the bank have upped my credit card limit to £4,100 for no apparent reason I might just treat myself for my birthday...

Oh, and we're seeing Sound of Music in London on 18th October for the matinee. I'll figure out drinking and whatnot nearer the time, if I can be bothered.

STILL no Amazon order, and also no bus pass, which expires on Wednesday. Fuck's sake, TWM, get your bloody act together. D'you think I've offended the postman or something?
Tags: annoyances: modern technology, twm are in league with the devil
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