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Warning: Long Rambling Entry Alert! Danger, Will Robinson!

I am on my own at work this week until Tuesday, and - of course - today there is nobody in to give me any work. Usually when either of the typists are solely responsible for the workload, everyone panic-dictates and there's loads. It's a strange logic of "there's only one person in, so I'd better DICTATE EVERYTHING NOW so it gets done"... which, obviously, has the opposite effect because there's so bloody much. :P Well, with any luck I'll be able to leave early today as usual. I have washing up to do; our kitchen smells of garlic. :(

In addition to being bored, my hands are cold. It can be heating on at work tiem naow?

I had an idea / snippet for an original story type... thing, in my head this morning. It was too succinct and obviously prosaic to be a mere LJ entry, even though it deals with RL things, but hopefully I'll be able to write it. The provisional title is "Three Strikes and Out", and I don't have much more than that... just a snippet of a sentence. I may put it here in a filtered post until such point as I make myself a writing journal.

For most of this week and last week I've also been working on my latest Phantom fic, "Whisper". I have the first four chapters pretty much completed but I keep tweaking it and changing certain words here and there. For some reason, this particular story has become incredibly important to me and I want it to be perfect. (Not that other stories are less important, just that this one seems to warrant it.) I have absolutely no right to be creating a new story when "Sweet Intoxication" is still unfinished (I know how that's going to end, too, it just keeps refusing to cooperate) but I had the idea for "Whisper" a couple of years ago and have only just found the inclination / creativity to sit down and write it.

It's a songfic, essentially, set to Katie Melua's "I Cried for You", which I wanted to turn into a POTO story as soon as I heard it. I had planned on it being a short story, but because I've not written for so long, all of my 'short' stories are ending up novel-length. It's a fairly simple premise and plot, too: Christine is going to England by boat following Erik's death, and the lyrics of the song form the basis of her reminiscence. There's also a surprise at the end. :)

It deals with a more mature Christine who understands her own life and is in control of it, and I think she's obviously very happy to have found that voice, because she won't. shut. up. Two lines of lyric are equating to about a chapter at the moment. A lot of it is introspection with very few moments of dialogue, and my worry is that if I put it anywhere in any kind of public forum, people will be inclined to skim the wordy paragraphs for the 'good stuff', and I've worked too hard on it for that. (I know, because I'm guilty of that as well sometimes.)

It didn't help that when I was in Paris last year (wow, that long ago?) and visiting the Palais Garnier, I was struck with this incredibly vivid mental image of Christine crying on the grand staircase - not dissimilar to the icon, actually. That made its way into the story as her memories of what happened, as well as - so far - sitting in her dressing room with Meg as they discuss the various suitors who keep sending her flowers, breaking off her marriage to Raoul, and going back to Erik's underground house a month or so after the mob, where she runs into Nadir. There's still half a song to go...

I am thus far disinclined to post it on FFN because I'm still not completely happy with the opening. I desperately need a beta reader to go over it and fix my niggling worries, but I'm not holding out for one whose available... I also dunno if it would be properly appreciated there, given the state of the writership there at the moment (bloody movieverse fangirls) so I might search around LJ for a comm or something...

Booooored. Still at least half an hour until I can go on lunch, too.

Hm, Roseby's are closing down in Kings Heath so I might go and have a look at what they've got on offer. I need to get some more fitted sheets - preferably one in turquoise and a new white one because mine is looking a bit scruffy - and some spare pillow cases... Although I guess I could also check Primark for that. Might look at lunch, actually, if the crowds aren't too horrendous...

...oh, wait. That's crazy talk!

Okay, I'm going to stop writing this entry about now because it's quite long enough already.
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