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Well... cleaner.

(That's a half-quote from a Disney film; guess it and you win a cookie.)

This weekend was vaguely productive. We had to go out on Saturday to pick up some bits of shopping as we have a freezer full of various fish-like products and very little else. Managed to get a very nice half-leg of lamb for about a fiver for Sunday lunch.

Midway through Saturday the attic door was rattling again because of the wind, so I constructed a make-shift draught excluder from a couple of pillows. Seems to have worked, amazingly, and hopefully the heat won't escape through the gap at the bottom of the door now...

On Sunday we were productive. Moved the cooker out in order to clean the gap/s and underneath, which also resulted in Paul scrubbing the tiles clean because of the orange greasy residue left behind. This is something which needs doing every six months or so, I reckon. Also mopped the floor underneath - Paul sort of waved the mop ineffectually at the stain and gave up, so I gave it some elbow grease and got most of it off. Men are obviously not designed to mop; or I blame all those endless hours of mopping floors when working at McDonalds...

The cooker is now pushed flush against the drawers again; the gap on the left is bigger, but at least the cupboard is easier to access and there's only one gap to lose things down rather than two. My plan is to wedge a piece of wood into the gap at some point to at least block it from above.

We also put up some curtains. My mum gave me the old curtains from her bedroom (almost floor-length turquoise velvet with thick lining) which originally I was going to put up across the landing in an attempt to stop the heat escaping up the attic stairs. As the PC is no longer on the landing, it doesn't matter as much. So my other plan was hopefully to use one of the velvet curtains in the bedroom. There's no room for a tie-back on the right because of the wardrobe since the rearrangement of furniture, so I was going to have one curtain and buy myself a pretty beaded tie-back from Pier. Except the curtain wasn't quite wide enough, so we've put both of them up.

Then it transpired that the curtain hooks were different sizes, so we had to switch them over. I was going to put the purple curtains (from the bedroom) at the hall window, but that rail is a completely different type to the others, so we'll have to buy MORE hooks. I've washed the purple curtains in the meantime, anyway.

Was very odd this morning, though; the new curtains block out all the light, so I couldn't tell whether it was morning or not when I woke up around 5.00am...

(Talking of which, I should probably wash the living room curtains too, as there's a horrible water stain from the leaky window. The rail in there is coming away from the wall, though, so I'm a little dubious about trying to remove them... Stoopid house.)

In other news, if there are any other Council employees on my f-list who happen to have a Council ID pass, you can get 20% off at Cafe Rouge by flashing it, until July 2009. Nice. :) Typical Council, though - they put a poster up in the Council House and that was it. Luckily someone from Legal spotted it and circulated an email. ;) (As Rob put it on Friday: "Does anyone actually work at the Council House? And I use that term very loosely...")

My birthday is very very soon and seems to have snuck up on me. Ordinarily I make the first Saturday post-birthday my drinking-with-friends day, but I'll be in London. I am provisionally announcing the next Saturday (25th) as the drinking-with-friends day, but I'll announce it properly nearer the time or when I've decided if I can be bothered or not...

Some messages:

jackiesjottings - I didn't get chance to send your stuff on Saturday but I'm going to find / make a box tonight and go to the Post Office tomorrow, so it should be with you very soon. :) I haven't forgotten!

thefleshfailure - Judging by train times, it might be easier if we meet up before the show instead of after on the 18th. We'll be getting in just after 11.00am so I would suggest about 11.30am? Just let me know where's best for you to get to and we'll make our way over there. That gives us three hours instead of about one, given we'll have to find food and stuff after the show...

I think that's about it.
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