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Happy Birthday to Me.

It's been a lovely day so far. Even the weather hasn't been too bad; the sun is warm and only ruined by the cold wind...

We went for breakfast at Delilicious, a local deli / sandwich place which does very nice food, and then headed straight into town to get a new camera. It's a joint purchase on the credit card so I don't feel as guilty as I should. ;)

We have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS3, in black with silver embellishments. The camera was £130, with a 4GB SDHC card for £20 (reduced from £50), and with a case and three-year warranty (just in case) it was £190. Not bad at all. WHEE NEW CAMERA!

I've also received the following:

From Paul:

~ Super Mario on DS (which was bought ages ago)
~ Anjum's New India cookery book, based on her "Indian Food Made Easy" show on BBC2. Now I can learn to make curry!
~ Another BBC book of aerial photographs of the Earth, really cool.

From Mum and David:

~ The Last Unicorn (the book)
~ A cuddly Zero from NBC
~ A miniature herb garden in a pot for the kitchen, so we can grow our own fresh herbs. :D

In addition, several Facebook messages and a random and pleasantly surprising text from flatline2010.

Going out for a meal later at Cafe Rouge, because we can get a lovely discount. Thank you, BCC. :)
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