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Had my supervision / 1:1 / PDR / whatever yesterday and warned Marie about the Invitation of Doom. As I was off sick on Monday, I don't know if Raj ever did get back to me about it, but I've heard nothing all this week. I should probably email again to find out what's happening, though it is tempting to now not bother in the slightest... Anyway, as a result of warning her, I ended up recounting about Sandra and generally having a good old moan about Social Services, and Marie now also hopes that the reason for the invitation is because of a complaint about Sandra...

It's weird to reflect on that period of working at Ladywood. At the time, it felt like I was the only one who'd noticed, but as I think back, I can't have been. Towards the end she made it more than obvious what she thought of me. I really really hope someone else has lodged a complaint. It would be no less than she deserves.

In other news, my MP3-player nearly died a death last night. Firstly, I couldn't find my old software - it doesn't technically need it, but makes clearing the old stuff a little safer - so downloaded the new version from the website. Except that couldn't find the player, so no use. So I tried to sync it with WMP, which did work to an extent, and then failed when trying to get music onto it. I went into Explorer and deleted some anomalous files and then it wouldn't work AT ALL, so I panicked, thinking I'd accidentally deleted something important from it. Technically it's just a flashdrive type of player and should be okay, but after deleting things it would no longer work properly. However, I tried it again a few hours later (having unplugged it in the interim) and managed to sync it with Winamp and now have some music on there. Phew!

I do need a new one (128MB is now far too small - with the new PC's encoder even on the lowest setting, I can only get about 20 songs on there instead of 76 as before) but am trying to put it off as long as possible. I really like Creative's new offering, the Mozaic, in black. My current player is by Creative and I've never had any problems. Most other things I've bought from them have also give me no trouble, from speakers to soundcards.

The Zen MicroPhoto I bought off eBay was admittedly a complete disaster - I tried that again last night on the new PC, and the backlight was at least pulsating when I plugged it in, which is more than it did before, but still no dice on it actually being recognised in WMP - and I think there's actually something wrong with the software which isn't actually fixable. I can't get the firmware on it because the PC won't acknowledge it's there, even though it installs the drivers; I can't reset to factory settings because I need to turn it on; I can't turn it on because the battery is dead; it won't charge through the PC or mains; to fix the charging problem, I need to get the firmware on... you see the problem. Maybe I can try and sell it to someone else as a broken item and they can fix it or whatever. It's a shame, because it's so pretty. (Creative's forums seem to imply that the MicroPhoto is buggy anyway, so it's just my bad luck, I suppose.)

Anyway, the Mozaic has similar functions (capacity for music, photo and video), and the 8GB player is a mere £80, which is about what I spent on the 128MB player about four years ago, and more than enough capacity for the majority of my music collection. I should (fingers crossed) be getting a back-dated pay reimbursement this month, so I might splurge on a new player in time for Christmas.

Of course, I also need to get a new printer, though they're cheap enough on ebuyer. I should get one soon, though, because I need to do another CD for Katie...

In other other news, I painted my nails last night for the first time in about a year... In the process I also cleared out my dead bottles of varnish; out of about 30 I managed to save maybe eight (including a limited edition turquoise which I'm pretty sure I can't get any more). All the others were beyond redemption (i.e. rock solid and defying gravity, or simply unopenable), and those I've held onto can be saved with a drop of nail polish remover. So, my nails are now chocolate brown, slightly glittery. Soon I shall rebuild my empire of nail varnish! *evil laugh* One of the colours I had to throw away was an iridescent blue-green that I was using on a belt which has some gems missing, as it's exactly the same colour as the gems. Ah well...

We have a quiz after work tonight; last time our team came 9th (out of 14 teams) so hopefully we will do slightly better this time...
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