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This is kind of odd...

Just before I left work today, I noticed this strange anomaly in Word, but for some reason it's only in my individual files folder on the shared drive, not any of the case files.

(The quality's not that good because it's a BMP, but as you can see, some of the filenames are appearing in blue, for no apparent reason...

All of the files (except about one) in that folder are hidden files, and there's nothing untoward in the properties either.


In other news, I came home to (a) a leaky binbag dripping fat inside my bin (yeuch) and (b) a surprise through the letter box in the form of Nightmare Revisited (from my mum), a version of the NBC soundtrack with the songs performed by different metal artists, as the Current Music testifies. It's very very strange indeed, but also interesting...

I also saw the perfect present for Paul's birthday but I'm going to look online for cheaper options because it was a rip-off in M&S. I was in there getting a curry for tea, before you ask. ;)
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