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Bloody typical.

As soon as I've weaned myself off the Mamma Mia soundtrack for a bit, Tesco are milking the DVD release for all they're worth by playing it on a constant loop. And when I happen to go in there for lunch, they're playing the only song in the entire thing which makes me cry like a baby.

Talking of which, we are doing one particular piece in the carol concert which yesterday night made a lady in the row in front of me start crying. It's one of the most beautiful, haunting pieces I've ever heard, with a simple tune at the start which twists around accidentals and dischords in the middle, all sung a capella. (It's Taverner's The Lamb, and the highlight of this year's concert, it would seem. We don't appear to be doing anything interestingly audience-participation-y, though. :( Oh well.)

Last year, O Little Town of Bethlehem caused a lump in my throat at the morning rehearsal. If I survive the concert emotionally intact this year it'll be a bloody miracle...
Tags: choir, christmas, soundtrack for life
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