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Officially Christmas...

That was a pleasant, if slightly exhausting, weekend...

Starting with Friday night, and our first Messiah concert. Compared to the Beethoven it's positively relaxing. :P Paul came home about half an hour after me, drunker than promised (four drinks my big fat arse...) and without his phone, lost at some point in the process of going home. DRINKING IS BAD, MMKAY?

Saturday was spent in a rush, mostly. We got up early (for us, anyway) and headed out to Kings Heath in order to get stuff for dinner that evening and some bits and bobs from Wilkinson, including a Christmas present for Jen and Dave, who were coming over for a roast. I was also hoping to get a red tablecloth in readiness for Christmas, but - of course - they'd sold out, so we got a black one instead. Thankfully, it's not as ginormously huge as the white one...

On getting back we had a bit of a tidy up - I cleaned the bathroom, waved the mop at the kitchen floor and tidied the bedroom - and we put up the Christmas tree. This took longer than usual because I was taking photographs of each process of building and decorating it. There will hopefully be some kind of ropey animation at some point if I can figure out how... failing all else it'll be ImageReady. :P Anyway, this year our tree's theme is purple and silver, with white lights (moving and still) and the purple flower-shaped lights Alison bought us last year.

I've taken a few macro shots as well, which I'll probably put in my arty shots album on Facebook...

After the tree followed even more bloody tidying up, and then Jen and Dave turned up half an hour early... :P

Paul had done lemony garlic chicken (which tastes more garlicky cold than it did warm, but still lovely) with all the trimmings, though thanks to frantic tidying I didn't have time to make my special Yorkshire pudding. Luckily we had some frozen ones left. Jen and Dave came armed with Schloer, Bailey's (Sainsbury's own version), a box of Lindt Lindor (mmmmmmchocolatedeath) and some crackers - the pulling kind, that is. After dinner we watched Jerry Springer: The Opera and then they rang a taxi and went home. Except they're coming back at some point with our Christmas presents...

Anyway, at least now the tree is up and that's one element of stress dealt with.

Sunday was the direct opposite. Somehow over the course of Saturday night I drank three glasses of wine, so woke up feeling awful not only with a headache, but random aches and pains from all the hard work the day before. I watched a few episodes of X-Files in bed and then went back to sleep until 1.45. We completely forgot to ring people as promised, so that'll have to be done today.

Sunday night we ordered pasta from Pizza Hut / Pasta Hut (quite nice) which we ate in separate rooms because Paul was playing poker, and then he buggered off out for a drink with Alex (who is temporarily back from Gran Canaria) even though he's seeing him tomorrow, despite saying we would watch something together at 9.00. Thanks. :P

Anyway, work is okay today - plenty to do, so I won't get to leave early, but at least I'm not bored. Things are going to be quite frantic from now on.
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