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The above can best describe my current mental state. The pre-Christmas stress is manifesting in Going Slightly Mad this year. Well, it makes an interesting change from feeling trapped and rushed...

My back keeps twinging ominously and feeling like it wants to flare up to remind me its there. Which is annoying, as I've not had an incident with it for several months and thought it had got better, but in any case I've proved that it gets worse at times of stress. I placated it last night with Olbas Oil and a hot water bottle. Not quite as effective as the eucalyptus-y aromatherapy stuff Lisa gave me last year, but has the same basic ingredients. As I put it to Paul, "Mmm, burny burny soothing". :) (It achieves the same effect as that 'deep heat' stuff but without the minging smell and with the added bonus of being able to remove the heat when it gets too much...)

Still a little achey this morning, but I do at least have cocodamol at work. I should probably stock up on various medications before Christmas in case I come down with a cold or something...

Anyway. Tonight Paul and I are going to attempt to finish Christmas shopping, as for the majority of the next two weeks we'll be seeing various people before the actual day. We're seeing most people after the concert on the 21st, but as we can't do Christmas Eve this year we're trying to at least see people for more than 10 minutes, and to avoid having to drag presents to the Town Hall...

So, from what I can remember, the run up to Christmas looks like this:

Tonight (12th) - finishing (or trying to, at least) the shopping. I only have my grandmother, David, Darren, Andrea and Patrick to get things for, plus some additional stuff for my mum and hopefully something for Alison, but if not she can have it later.

Tomorrow (13th) - seeing Sweeney Todd at the Crescent with herringpricess in the afternoon, when I can hopefully hand over her present and card. Saturday morning to be spent wrapping some stuff up.

Sunday (14th) - going to see my grandmother - must remember to check train times. Hopefully my father will not repeat his trick from last year of sneaking up to the front door to post a card and then running off again.

Tuesday (16th) - last choir rehearsal before Christmas.

Thursday (18th) - going to my mum's for tea.

Sunday (21st) - concert.

Monday (22nd) - going to Asda for Christmas shop - basics only so we don't spend a fortune.

Wednesday (24th) - at work until lunchtime and then presumably the Briar Rose...

Then it's finally Christmas, and then from 5th to 8th January I'll be at EuroDisney with Vicky and her parents, which I'm hoping the break will have given me enough energy to enjoy. (I am unfortunately at work from 29th to 31st December, but have manged to get 2nd January off...)

All a bit hectic. In between all that we also need to try and see Darren and Andrea and the kids but that's an as-and-when situation, really. And also wrap presents / send cards, which I think may happen at some point next week if I've got everything...

I'm hungry. :( Ah, well. Lunchtime in an hour...
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