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Holy mother of Moly I am so sick of this. D=

The cold has moved into my sinuses today, as anticipated. My head feels all cotton-wool-ified, which would probably be okay except for the total exhaustion. The reason for my exhaustion? I was awake at 4.30 this morning with stomach pains and spent the next half an hour in the bathroom waiting for the BURBLING AGONY to stop. I mean, it's good that my intestines were working so very hard to get rid of the horribleness within, but DEAR SWEET JESUS, was it really necessary? Afterwards I spent another half an hour lying incredibly still and waiting for everything to settle down, so am understandably exhausted this morning. (Also, apparently I woke Paul up with one of my noxious gases...)

Had a couple of very odd dreams - one of them involved doing a concert at what I think was meant to be the Town Hall, although I've dreamt about it before and it's been Symphony Hall, and looks like neither... anyway, I'd left my uniform at home and was having to scavenge off other people to borrow stuff. I also seemed to be visiting someone on a barge at one point, which meant I was late for the concert. And I also dreamt I was wandering around town with Jen Taylor and we came to this weird secluded area outside a large house; there were stone benches and topiary and we apparently used to eat our lunch there.

Quite odd, presumably brought on from the delirium of not sleeping properly. I should have had the whole bloody week off work if I'd known this was going to happen. I almost didn't go in again this morning because, after blowing my nose, it took me five minutes to regain my balance because one of my ears had popped... Unfortunately, because I came in yesterday morning, if I'd not been in today that would have been classed as another sickness period, and then I'd get a NOC, so yeah. Also we have our Christmas meal today and I don't want to lose my deposit.

The stomach thing is obviously because when I'm ill I can't be arsed to eat properly, so I've managed to poison myself by eating processed crap and not enough brown bread. This morning I've attempted to placate it with a vitamin-packed smoothie from Pret, and also coffee because otherwise I'd be asleep... probably not the best thing to have...

My ears feel bunged up. :( Which is making audio-typing very interesting. My brain-to-mouth connection is also quite slow. I know what I want to say, but can't quite actually say it. Fun.

This had damn well better clear up to a reasonable degree by Sunday. I don't think we're singing anything particularly vicious so hopefully even if I have a cough my voice will hold out. Rather now than at Christmas, also. I'm leaving early today, long lunch be damned. I need a frelling nap...

Edit, 15.25: Well, our Christmas meal was quite nice, but my insides apparently disagree with my tastebuds. OW OW OW. Thank anything for flexi-time and being able to leave at 3.30, though I think I can hold out til four... There's just so much work here today it's untrue, and I feel bad enough for going home early yesterday... Oh, and as an interesting off-shoot of the bad stomach and subsequently holding myself tensely in an attempt to stop the pain, my back is twinging again. *sigh* It never rains, it pours. Or in my case, throws great fuck-off hailstones at me.
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