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The Post-Christmas Update

First things first - I hope everyone had a happy Christmas / Hannukah / other or non-religious celebration of their choice. I've not really had the inclination to come online these past four days except to briefly check Facebook and my friends-list.

Did I update Christmas Eve? I can't even remember - that's how utterly tired I've been. In any event - our team buffet lunch was quite pleasant. My card came third in the competition and I got a box of chocolates, and also despite not making a cake, Marie was repeatedly adamant that the houmous was a very good plan...

I left work at 2.00 and then ... yes, I did update, because now I remember updating about the granite board sticking to the worktop. So, after all that I headed out to the pub, but quite frankly might just as well have not bothered because I was literally half asleep for the majority of it. I had a coffee but it barely even touched the tiredness, instead giving me a brief burst of energy and then knocking me for six, so we ended up leaving early. I took the camera with me with good intentions, and instead just took some photos of the Christmas lights in Birmingham instead. Not that they're particularly interesting this year. Overkill on that bright blue, perhaps?

I'm sure we must have watched some manner of television on getting in, though I can't remember what. We each opened one present each - mine was from Lisa at work (not so much a Christmas present as a thank-you-for-all-the-hard-work-this-year prsesent) and Paul's was one from his mum. Soap, bracelet and some lipgloss for me, and some very expensive-smelling aftershave for Paul. It's in a little bottle so will definitely be saved for special occasions.

An early night for me and quite a restless sleep, as I recall, which seems to have been par for the course this season.

Okay, as for the day itself. I woke up with my entire midriff in agony - not just my back but my sides as well. I presume this is from all the cleaning and tidying I did on getting home the day before, but in any event, I took a painkiller and that seemed to kill it off for the majority. We had our scrambled egg and smoked salmon, which was very nice, but I have only been able to manage small portions of anything this Christmas so I didn't enjoy it as much as I probably should have. Meh.

After breakfast we opened presents. I should have written these down on the day as now I'm bound to forget, but between us we accumulated:

Several DVDs from various people: Some Kind of Wonderful, The Breakfast Club, full first series of Flight of the Concordes and the entire series of Absolutely (Paul) and AD:BC (this sounds intriguing) and the whole of The Trapdoor for me. The Amazon wishlist system seems to work quite well. :)

Avenue Q sountrack (me).

Various books also: I got Paul The Future of Modern Policing: 1981 Edition (the A2A follow-up to the "1973" LoM edition, which apparently they sell cheaper on Amazon for both... I got it from Waterstone's on my shopping day, probably should have thought that through a bit better) and I got Cut! (the "Movies in 15 minutes" book) and Wisconsin Death Trip, which I've wanted for about 10 years. It's a very strange book...

I also got Paul a build-your-own-trebuchet kit from M&S, which he's made a start on building, except that despite the price of the bloody thing the pieces don't slot together as well as they should, so he's going to have to sand bits down. Annoying.

He got me a little Jack Skellington badge, a turquoise Jack Skellington purse, a very emo-style bag with jigsaw-piece patterns and little skulls-and-crossbones on it, and a book of the West Midlands from above, to go with the one he got me for my birthday and because I'm a little obsessed with Googlemaps...

Other stuff: a funky German market candle (Jade and Patrick), two nice red candlesticks (Darren and Andrea), a gorgeous hand mirror with a butterfly on (Paul's mum to me), two boxes of chocolates (slightly melted because my mum's underfloor heating. :D), bubble bath and a wheat bag with lavendar (housemate-Lisa - the latter of these came in very handy on Christmas Day when my pain came back), a digital photoframe from Eni, and probably some other stuff I've forgotten.

It was supposed to be my turn to make dinner this year, but thanks to feeling like absolute dren and being in agony, Paul ended up doing it. The beef was very nice - as was everything, actually - but again I was only able to manage about half of it. My one main indication that I simply wasn't well was that my reaction to someone else's very good news was to be horribly jealous and cranky about it, instead of happy for them. Which obviously just made me feel worthless and evil and somewhat rather worse than before.

I went to bed early with the wheat bag, but overall it was a very pleasant, relaxed day.

On Boxing Day, I didn't even bother to get dressed. I think that's the first time I've ever spent a whole day in my pyjamas - even when I was laid up with the glandular fever I managed to get dressed...

Luckily I was no longer in pain, but I seem to recall waking up with a headache instead, and also my cold has still not shifted so I spent the day being completely bunged up and having random coughing fits. This has been going on for four days, incidentally, and this morning I've partially lost my voice. Anyway, I spent Boxing Day watching films on television. I can recall seeing a new version of The Railway Children, Mary Poppins (always a favourite) and then an adaptation of Nicholas Nickleby, which was quite good, though I know there were more than that. I think we made a start on Trapdoor this day as well, and it's WEIRD, man. It's been a long time since I actually saw it and I didn't realise quite how sadistic it is...

Can't remember much else about Boxing Day, except that my left eye went all weird and kept itching / oozing. I can only assume that it's still my allergic reaction to Paul's mum's cat acting up, though yesterday it had also spread to the other eye, which also leads me to believe it's just because I'm backed up full of mucus and it's not content just to stick to my sinuses. I'm BORED of this cold now.

The weekend was much of the same, to be honest. I was feeling slightly better on Saturday, though not by much, and was still hacking up a lung. By the end of Boxing Day and Saturday evenings my lungs were hurting, because even though there's not that much left to cough up, it's one of those annoying tickly coughs that nevertheless makes you splutter like an old man until that tiny bit of phlegm dislodges. Annoying, and painful.

I was feeling somewhat better yesterday, and we popped out to the shops to get paper towels, washing-up sponges, cold tablets and cough syrup, as I only had Benylin chesty cough medicine, which wasn't really helping. Apparently you can't sell tickly cough medicine to asthmatics because "they" (whoever 'they' are) don't recommend suppressing the coughing reaction... which does make SOME sense and I can see the reasoning, but at the same time, I'm led to wonder how the COUGHING AGONY is meant to be better... We also wandered around Woolworth's in a last-ditch attempt to get at least one bargain, and came away with a fold-up step for a fiver. The wheeled ones like you get in offices and shops sell for about thirty quid in Argos. It's a little bit precarious, but at least will save having to balance on the windowsill in order to open the kitchen window. The entire house was designed for tall people.

EastEnders omnibus yesterday also - the usual fare of Christmas angst, although at least nobody died this year. ;) Christmas telly has been rubbish this year, really. I didn't even have to use highlighters in the Christmas RT, and the only clash was between the University Challenge North -v- South and Justin Lee Collins's Bring Back Fame show. That and I taped Howl's Moving Castle on Sunday morning because there was absolutely no way I was getting up that early. :P

Still, there's the new Jonathan Creek to look forward to on New Year's Day, and yesterday I saw an advert for something new on BBC1 with Caroline Quentin in, though can't remember what or when...

I always feel, after all that stress and rushing around, that when Christmas actually happens it's a bit of an anticlimax...

Back at work today until Wednesday, then I'm off until the 12th. Admittedly, my week off won't exactly be relaxed, as I'll be in EuroDisney with Vicky and her parents, but I'm hoping the travelling / change of atmosphere might poke the Muses back into action. I had hoped to get some writing done over Christmas, but being ill and tired has put a damper on it really... I can only hope this bloody cold buggers off in time for the holiday, because I have a feeling it's going to be even colder in France. (I need to make a list at some point of what I have to take with me. I'm leaving the credit card at home to avoid overspending.)

I'm still tired this morning, somewhat still crusty-eyed, and there's absolutely nobody in work today. Looking at the leave chart, I totally could have had the rest of this week off, too. *sigh* Every single year, we all fight and stress about the leave situation, and every year when it comes down to it, only three of us are needed because all the fee earners get to have skeleton staff.

Anyway, I shall post this one now, because otherwise I'll keep adding to it all day.
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