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Okay, so I'm back from Disney. I did attempt to do some writing whilst away but didn't get much done beyond a New Year's Eve write-up (which I probably won't even use as it's wordy and overlong), despite being randomly inspired to do a Jonathan Creek fic. I blame the fact that it's been just as bloody cold in France as it seems to have been in England.

I was working NYE until about 4.00pm, and was absolutely knackered for the rest of the evening. We were to be spending the event downstairs in Lisa's flat along with Jen, Dave and Heather, who were due to arrive at about 8.00pm. Paul went for drinks after work and came home already slightly drunk, before going out AGAIN to the pub with Lisa et al once the others had arrived - I gave that a miss because it was frelling freezing and I was exhausted. And also, still coughing at that point so somewhat disinclined to go out again.

By the time they got back Paul was very drunk, then didn't even eat any of the food Lisa cooked for us. I had two glasses of champagne over the course of the night, and a glass of Schloer, but spent most of the evening feeling annoyed with Paul (he was being clingy and over-concerned and taking everything as a personal insult...), tired and generally morose, because by the time the end of 2008 had rolled around I just wanted it to be over with, and wasn't in the mood for celebration.

We rang in the New Year with Jools Holland and some party poppers. I stayed up until 12.30 and then went to bed. Paul was initially going to stay up with the party, but then followed me upstairs and promptly passed out 10 minutes later. I think I finally nodded off around 1.00am, depsite being exhausted.

The next morning, we awoke to a light smattering of snow in the back garden. I posted a couple of photographs on Facebook in my Christmas album. I felt the snow was quite symbolic, really, covering the horrible old year with the shiny new one...

Of course, I then spent the rest of New Year's Day under the duvet feeling sorry for myself. (I'd brought the duvet down from the attic the night before as Lisa was possibly going to send Jen and Dave upstairs to sleep on our sofa/bed rather than her settee, except they didn't, as it transpired...) I had a bit of a headache and took some painkillers to get rid of it. Paul's mum came over to drop off presents, followed by my mum and David, at which point I was feeling okay. Around 4.30, I lay down to have a nap as I was feeling under the weather. At which point, I have no idea what my body was thinking.

I woke up from my nap with my headache gone and feeling much better, for all of 20 seconds. Then I had a coughing fit, which brought back the headache with a vengeance, with a side order of feeling sick. I think I might have nodded off for a bit, but in any event, a few minutes later I was throwing up in the bathroom. Luckily I'd only eaten a piece of bread and butter that morning, so it wasn't too horrendous. I went back to lie down and it literally felt like there was something inside my brain banging around and trying to get out. I've NEVER been in that much pain from a headache before. I couldn't find a single place to lie down where it didn't hurt and at one point was close to crying from the utter frustration.

In the end I did manage to nod off again and woke up feeling hungry. Things probably would have been okay, except Paul was also so tired that when he went to put the oven on, he turned on the top oven / grill instead and filled the flat with horrible-smelling grillpan smoke, which made me feel sick again. I couldn't eat any of the food he'd made, and spent most of the Jonathan Creek Xmas special lying very still and waiting for the nausea to end, which rather put a damper on it.

I managed to nibble on some of the food later on, but all in all the day was spent feeling absolutely awful. I also didn't manage to cook the meal I'd promised Paul until about two days later, which meant I only got to enjoy it once over as I was on holiday the day afterwards...

Incidentally? I am STILL bloody coughing and still can't sing properly. It seems to have come back again since returning to England, so I can only attribute the dust in the flat or Birmingham's smog for it continuing, as I was mostly okay in France...

Not sure what I can say - I've been before, you've heard it before, at least in terms of prettiness and rides and things of that nature. My hands are cold, also, and I'm still sort of stuck in that "what's the point" rut from before Christmas, so I apologise for the lack of inspiration... Also, no photographs in this post because I took just over 400 and it would kill everyone's internet...

However, this was my first experience of the park in January and during their Christmas celebrations, which were ongoing for the majority of our time there. There was a little outdoor market just outside the Village (though it was closed by the time I'd decided to have a proper look) and during the parade they rained fake snow on us.

Eurostar was cool. It's a train. Not much else to say. The journey there was better than the journey back, which was not only delayed by 15 minutes, but shared with the NOISIEST CHILDREN KNOWN TO MAN. Oh god. Thankfully they got off at Ashford, though as Vicky's parents pointed out, such a shame Ashford wasn't the other bloody side of the tunnel. Or even IN the tunnel.

When we arrived on Monday, it was snowing, which was really frelling cool. It doesn't really maintain the illusion of the park's Wild West and Arabian Nights themes, though, unless the American South has suddenly had a cold snap. We also presumed the pirate ship had been sunk by an iceberg. ;) The Pirates ride was closed for refurbishment - I'm hoping that means they're putting Jack Sparrow et al into the EuroDisney version to follow the one at Florida. :) The coldest point on Monday was whilst queuing for Big Thunder Mountain, as the wind was blowing snow into the queuing area and our feet were freezing...

We were staying at Hotel Cheyenne, which was quite nice. All the hotels are nice, though we were quite a trek from the main reception / restaurant area, which meant wrapping up warm just to go to breakfast. ;) The first two nights we ate dinner at the hotel because it was easier. Food was okay, an all-you-can-eat buffet of various dishes. The man behind the spare ribs counter piled about six of the damn things on my plate, which was a little annoying as I only wanted two... at least at the buffet I managed to have a baked potato.

Tuesday was by far the coldest day. -5 in the morning and not much warmer by the afternoon. We saw the parade on Tuesday and by the end of it I was absolutely freezing. The trouble was, even going inside didn't help because all the doors are open on the shops and cafes, and the restaurants weren't much better... On Tuesday night, the top half of my legs were so cold (being the only bit of me covered by only one layer of clothing) that when I was under the duvet, I was making the duvet cold because I had no body heat. In the end I sat in a hot bath to get some warmth back. Horrible.

On the Wednesday we went into Paris, which was pleasant. Did the guided tour of the Opera, which takes you to all the places you can see on the unguided tours, but also inside the auditorium proper. We happened to be there on the one day in the year when they'd taken the chandelier down to change the bulbs, which was fairly awesome. Unfortunately we didn't get to see the cellars or the lake, so that must have changed since I last heard about it. Still, the tour guide was interesting. By the time we left the building, it had warmed up considerably - out of the minus figures, at least - and the rest of the day was spent Metro-hopping. We went to Monmatre next and had some food (the wholemeal crepe I had there was possibly the only real food I had all week...) and then walked up the steps to Sacre Coeur. After that we went to Notre Dame to take some more photos, and then back to Disney. We had dinner in PLanet Hollywood because Vicky's parents had a 10% discount voucher, but even with the discount it was horribly expensive.

All the food was, actually. Disney basically have you trapped in the resort with no choice but to eat there, so the food is all overpriced. There's not even a supermarket to buy anything to make your own lunch, but even if there was, there are no facilities in the rooms to keep things fresh or cool. I dread to think how families with small children cope... not to mention the amount of other miscellaneous rubbish they have to buy their children.

Thursday, the last day, was spent at the Studios Park and later the Sealife Centre at Val d'Europe, one train stop up the line. I didn't get to go on Tower of Terror because Vicky's a wuss, but it looks frelling brilliant. My mum and I are due back in 2012 so it'll have to wait until then... They take the picture at the split second the lift drops, and from what I could ascertain it seems they drop it a little way the first time, then to the bottom, and then all the way down the second time around. Or it's completely random. :D I refused to go on a similar ride at Drayton Manor, but the Disney one just looks amazing...

I saved my buying of things until today, and came away with a stuffed WALL-E (he looks quite forlorn...), a t-shirt which was reduced to 15 euros from 25, and some biscuits and chocs for work. I've also got a glass from Planet Hollywood because Vicky and I both had their 'Comet' cocktail, which meant we got to keep the glass. :)

All in all, quite enjoyable, even with the freezing cold weather. I am now in the process of reducing the size of the photos, which I think I'll post on Flickr. Facebook only allows 60 photos per album, so it'll take me all week to post them there... I might put a selection on there nonetheless, we'll see.

Paul met me at the station yesterday and we went for a curry on the credit card in the evening, one last bit of expenditure before paying it all off this year. I've put in some washing today and don't really want to go back to work on Monday (it doesn't really feel like I've had a proper holiday - I had to get up even earlier than usual whilst away!) but never mind. Reality beckons. :(

Okay. Hands are cold. Time to set up a Flickr account...
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