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Nothing Much in Particular

I'm feeling better after my ranting session the other day, just haven't got much to update about.

I had a dream about Heath Ledger's Joker last night which is filtered as per usual...

I also appear to have lost 3lb. I'm crossing my fingers that it's not a random scales error or a fluke, but it could be because I lost my appetite a bit over Christmas. I think the horrendous over-eating at Disney was compensated for by the sheer amount of walking / shivering, and I've been quite sensible since coming back. We can only hope it's the start of a good thing.

I'm meeting jackiesjottings tomorrow in Brum, followed by Paul's birthday drinkings at the Briar Rose. Just in case anyone missed it on Facebook, it starts at 4.00 but you can turn up whenever.

Nothing else to report.
Tags: get fit & lose weight, online meet-ups, random
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