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Strange Dream/s

I won't filter this, as there's not nearly enough information to bother... Three separate bits which I don't properly remember.

The first bit, I think, involved going to see Elton John in concert. The room was like a school hall and the capacity was quite small, but I remember it being quite dark. There was also a female singer who I think I / we / the people in the dream knew, and she was supporting Elton as her big break into showbiz, except she was singing flat. I can remember her breaking into song and him playing the piano and whispering, "Pitch, love!", which was quite odd...

Then for some reason Jackie (jackiesjottings had come to my house, which looked like the flat only not, to take hair photographs for her journal theme days, and I had to put her behind a curtain in one of the rooms because there were other people there coming to look around. Not quite sure on that bit specifically, I can just remember hiding her behind the curtain...

The last bit was Jonathan Creek, which was quite exciting, and I had some of it whilst half-awake also. During the half-awake state I really wanted to turn it into a story, but I don't think there's enough there. The only part I can remember vividly was that Maddy had come back (of course!) and Jonathan was meeting her in a bar with some other people, who I'm assuming are Barry and Adam just because that makes sense, though they weren't remotely familiar.

The bar itself had big folding glass doors which opened onto a front-facing patio area, and the bar was inside, fairly close to the windows. I don't think it was very busy. It seemed to be summer (or so I presume given the doors were open) and some of the outside tables were those high, round ones with tall stools around them.

Jonathan walked up to one of the tall tables, where 'Barry' and 'Adam' (or whoever they were) were already sitting, and took a seat. I don't know if he knew what was going on, or if it was a surprise, as it wasn't particularly clear. The Maddy wandered through from the bar with an armful of drinks. I think they caught each other's eye, but then she went in the other direction. I'm fairly sure she did acknowledge him, and there was this sense of wonderful anticipation, like she had something very important / urgent to sort out and would return once that was done.

I'm sure there was an entirely separate scene later on that I think was back in my house-flat from before, where they were having a conversation, but I can't remember that so well.

The most significant thing about the JC bit was that it was 'narrated', in a way, whilst I was watching it, as though I were writing the story. There was this incredibly clear bit where it was apparent they'd been apart for quite a few years, because Jonathan noticed she'd gained some grey hairs and he thought they suited her, or something like that. It was bizarre. That bit specifically I wanted to turn into a story, but on waking properly I realised there really wasn't enough there to work with. Which is a shame.

Still, fandom dream FTW!

I blame the Caroline Quentin rumours, personally...

Nowt else to report except that I’m going to have to sit out choir AGAIN thanks to this bloody cough. BORED NOW.
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