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New Boots!

I actually managed to find some half-decent longish boots to fit my stupid legs and my stupid feet at the same time!

£9.00 in the sale at Peacocks. :) The bit on the back is elasticated also, as well as them being wide in the leg.

Oh, and these are the funky tartan boots I got for a tenner on Saturday:

In other news, my throat is killing me today, which I presume is as a result of attempting to sing last night at choir. There is still snot at the back of my throat, too, which is making swallowing annoying. I've bought some Oraldene from Superdrug to gargle with and hopefully that'll clear it up.

It has to clear by 10th February. We're singing at a conference at the ICC (providing background music for the first half and then doing Zadok for the second) and I'd rather not have to miss it, as they've split us into two halves to do madrigals...
Tags: choir, gratuitous spending, health

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