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Another slow day at work today. Apologies in advance if this ends up being a bit rambling...

Paul was working on Saturday, so I used the time alone to do something productive, which equated to cleaning the kitchen and bathroom - although not the floors. I managed to get the weird crud off the bath near the plug / taps area - it came off surprisingly easily, actually. The enamel is in bad condition so foam and stuff ends up clinging to the surface, meaning it was worse than it looked...

Also found a home for the vast collection of biscuit tins I've accumulated from work, finally.

I've also booked tickets to see Sunset Boulevard in London, which is mine and Paul's birthday present to Eni. Row D in the stalls. :) Vicky had sent me a promo-code for a discount (£50 tickets for £25) but it didn't actually work, which seems to be because none of the tickets actually cost £50... Anyway, at full price they still cheaper than equivalent seats for Sound of Music...

I also discovered that I can book the B&B near Kings Cross - where we all stayed in January before / after the Eurostar - from their website, though I can only book a minimum 2-day stay, so we'll have to go up on the Friday and leave on Sunday. Which, actually, probably works out better, as it doesn't mean we'll be rushing on the Saturday to get into the city, get changed, etc... Since my birthday trip in October was somewhat done on a budget (cheap seats and the matinee, so no overnight stay), this will feel more like a proper theatre trip, at least...


We're going on 28th February. Oddly enough, when Sweet, Eve, Lloyd and I saw the final night of the UK tour, that was on 28th September... :)

Sunday was nothing much, really. Paul was meant to go out and play badminton but Drew was ill, so it was cancelled. We invited Lisa up for Sunday lunch and then inflicted Rocky Horror Picture Show on her, as she'd never seen it (!) Another one for the ranks when it tours again, anyway... I might make a RH-themed layout, actually... at the very least, one of the shots inspired me to make an icon...

My main thought on watching was the utter travesty that the MTV remake is going to be. Just... GAH. I don't know how or why they think this is a good idea. Nobody can ever top Tim Curry, for starters. It's iconic for a reason. At the same time, I was also running through my brain who on earth would possibly do the roles justice, and the only one I can think of would be David Bedella as Frank (Satan from Jerry Springer: The Opera). I saw him play the role live and the only downside was his accent, but he has the presence to pull it off on screen, I think... I have no idea who else would be suitable for the other roles though. It's like Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum all over again. :(

What MTV have totally failed to realise, in their plan to make the film accessible to the young market, is that it already is. RHPS is a film which is passed down through generations and shown enough on television that eventually, young people will see it anyway. It's like The Wizard of Oz - timeless and unforgettable. They may not have a clue any more who Tim Curry or Richard O'Brien (or even Meat Loaf!) are, but that doesn't really matter.

Alas, despite the thousands of signatures on the online petition, MTV are going ahead with the remake anyway. This is why I gave up fighting fandom wars a long time ago. Stuff is going to happen, whether we like it or not. The fans, in the grand scheme of things, simply do not matter. Sometimes we do manage to save things, but to me it always feels like the TV companies are just doing it to shut us up. Farscape got a four-hour miniseries where a 24-episode season should have been. That result was a triumphant victory after so many months of campaigning, but it still tasted somewhat bitter. Not just because of the fans, but because a team of talented writers were relegated to turning a 24-hour story arc into a 4-hour, rushed-feeling ending.

I think perhaps it's not so much that the fans don't matter. It's just that established fans don't matter. With something like Rocky Horror especially, it has a massive fanbase of a certain age group (presumably the over-20s), but The Powers That Be don't care about us: they care about the potential fans, the bright young things who will spend their parents' hard-earned money on fresh new merchandise. They don't care about what they have; they care about what they don't. It was the same with Farscape, whose mini-series struggled to maintain a balance between the old-time, faithful followers of the series, and the potential new viewership, trying to sum up four years' worth of complicated plot canon into a 20-second spiel from John. Did it work? Did we get a movie release, as dangled tantasilingly before us? Did we frell.

I think this all goes a long way to explaining why I simply can't do fandom any more. It's too exhausting, and uses up too much useful emotion which should be spent elsewhere. It's difficult to watch the things you love get destroyed, but it's easier than struggling against the tide in an endless, futile battle of wills with the People With Money. I'm glad I didn't get into Dead Like Me or Carnivale any further than merely enjoying them. There's just no room in today's television-viewing society for clever or thought-provoking series, or anything which involves more than casual viewing. I think thus far Ugly Betty has slipped under the radar because - ironically - casual viewers are taking it at face value without realising the deeper meaning. Oh look, ugly girl works for fashion magazine and has some amusing mishaps, how hilarious. As long as the rest of us keep following it and immersing ourselves in the characters and subplots, I think it might stand a chance at longevity... We can only hope.

On that subject: plz to be seeing season 3 now, C4? Thx.

I told you it would be rambling. ;)

In other fandom stuff, I have one episode of season 5 of X-Files to get through, and then the first movie. I had a bit of hiatus over Christmas but started up again this week. I am now just attempting to organise my time in order to watch the film through in one go...

Right, I'm going to post this one now before it gets any longer...
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