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A very Americanised meme-quiz from composim.

01. I call myself: BeX
02. I am this old: 27
03. I hate it when: People are rude, whether that's bumping into me, queue-jumping, using a pushchair as a battering ram, or pushing into the bus queue. We live in this awful society of everyone thinking they're more important than everyone else, and it makes me angry.
04. I love it when: the streets are quiet.
05. My favorite thing to drink is: water, actually. And fizzy Vimto.
06. My favorite food is: steak. :D
07. I am this tall: 51 3"
08. I weigh this much: too much.
09. My favorite shoes to wear are: trainers. And my red pixie boots.
10. My favorite article of clothing is: the jeans I'm wearing today (pale blue with pink lace sewn on) and my new black-and-white-chequed hoody, because it's warrrrm.
11. When I get up in the morning the first thing I do is: go to the bathroom.
12. The last thing I do before I go to bed is: read, usually. Or currently, play Sudoku on the DS.

Shower Time:
01. I take baths or showers: usually showers, baths when I'm in pain or just want to warm up.
02. My favorite soap to use is: Lush soap is nice...
03. I use this shampoo: I have three: a L'Oreal anti-dandruff, Alberto Balsam tea-tree and Bed Head.
04. I use this conditioner: Herbal Essences goes with the L'Oreal, and the others have matching conditioners.
05. I use a comb or a brush: a comb.
06. I blow dry my hair or let it air dry: no point in blow-drying it, and even if it was long, hairdriers just make it frizzy.
07. I use this kind of shaving gel/cream: er... Tesco's own sensitive skin one. I usually shave them in the bath so don't need one.
08. My toothpaste is: Aquafresh.
09. My toothbrush is this color: grey and white with orange rubbery bits on the actual brush.
10. I like hot or cold showers: hot.
11. What I think about in the shower: nothing, really. Whether the plughole is blocked...
12. My favorite thing about the shower is: cleeeean!
13. I listen to this kind of music when in the shower: I don't.
14. I lock the bathroom door when in the shower: our bathroom door doesn't lock, but if the door is closed that means there's someone in there, so...

Elementary School:
01. My mom drove me to school or I rode the bus: my mum would drive me in very very early and I'd have to wait until the doors opened (weird working hours), and on one occasion a teacher let me in with her son. :) My nan would pick me up in the afternoon, except for the point when my mum was made redundant and could pick me up, which I selfishly thought was brilliant... though I was only very young.
02. I went to kindergarten and my teacher’s name was: I did go to kindergarten, and we had two teachers: Mrs Eccleston, and a younger lady whose real name I can't remember, but I called her 'Mark'. I have NO IDEA WHY. I remember one day having just learnt how to put my own coat on and then being very very confused when they told me paint overalls went on the other way.
03. My favorite teacher was: Our teachers changed when I was in year 4 due to some kind of staff row, but I liked Mrs Perl (she was everyone's favourite) and Miss Thompson, and Mrs Simm was my friend's mother though I was never taught by her. Of the second generation, I liked Mrs Harding (the head) and Mrs Kenny. Mr and Mrs Challinor owned the school and they were lovely, too. I have this brilliant memory of a boy running down the corridor, seeing Mr Challinor and skidding to a halt. Mr Challinor paused a moment, then said "That's it, good man, at the double!" :)
04. My least favorite teacher was: Mrs Slaymaker, second generation of year 1. Whom we obviously nicknamed Mrs Slave-maker. I also hated my (first gen) year 1 teacher (though our years were weird so it was really Reception), but can't remember her name. Selective memory loss. ;) Oh, and also Mrs Fox, the music teacher.
05. My first field trip was to: the first one I can remember was to the Black Country Museum, and I can remember not enjoying it because there was a loud noise in the mining exhibition and they gave us Vimto squash with our lunch, and I didn't like Vimto. :P
06. My favorite field trip was to: Warwick Castle. :D I remember enjoying most of them apart from the BCM, to be honest.
07. What I remember most about elementary school is: 'crazes'; we had loads. Hopskotch, skipping, skip-its (who remembers them?), yo-yos, football, handstands (in the summer), koosh balls... it was only a small school so things caught on pretty much instantly.
08. I attended this elementary school: Norfolk House School.

High School:
01. My favorite subject in high school was: English and Music.
02. My favorite teacher(s) was/were: Mrs Gregory and Mrs Porter (English), Mr Yeo (Music / choir), Mrs Foreman (Games), Mrs Holden (Technology - textiles, specifically) and I'm sure there were others.
03. My least favorite teacher(s) was/were: Miss Jackson, Miss Mold (Games), Mrs Brown (Food Tech), Mr bloody Horton (Maths - A-Level, specifically) *kills*, Mr Hartwell (Construction Tech).
04. We had this many class periods: initially it was nine 30-minuteperiods over the course of the day, then it changed to five one-hour periods over the day, with a two-week timetable. This meant doubles became 2 hours, rather than us having, e.g. triple Tech for 1.5 hours.
05. My favorite activity in high school: Chamber Choir.
06: I was in the band and I played: see above.
07. I did marching band and was in squad number(s): didn't exist.
08. I was in this school play(s): we only did a few and I wasn't in any of them.
09. I was in this crowd at school: er... hm. I was in a crowd all of my own, as it was seen as Weird and Wrong to hang out with girls in the year below, for some reason. *shrugs*
10. I had detention this many times: Twice - once for an abysmal German vocab test, and the other when Miss Smith spazzed and gave everyone Latin detention, then failed to turn up herself...
11. I drove to school: school bus, then lift to school bus stop when we moved.
12. I skipped class this many times: I skipped... gah, about 90% of my Mechanics module at A-Level because it was thoroughly pointless actually attending. I still have no idea how I scraped together a D from those results.
13. I was always late for class: only very very occasionally, I think.
14. Best friend in high school: 1st year was Salma, 2nd year was Zeenat and then Manvinder because the two were not compatible (ironically then teaming up to produce the Anti-Becca Squad in year 9 onwards... of that entire group, I later became friends with Pritpal, didn't speak to Manvinder, hated Gursharan with a fiery passion, and only Zeenat ever apologised for being a bitch. You all wanted to know that, I know. :P), 3rd year was Josiane, through all of this was Gemma, and then I finally learnt my lesson, though I suppose it was technically Crystal from year 10 onwards. We kind of fell into friendship by accident. After that I didn't do favouritism. Friends are friends; best friends just fuck you up.
15. Name the guys/girls you dated: None
16. Name the guys/girls you wanted to date: None
17. I went to prom with: My friends. Though technically I went in the car with Aisha. ;)
18. I went to this many football games: None
19. My favorite trip was: EuroDisney was great fun, and the London trip to see Cats and Riverdance was also good, because the seats we had for the former were amazing. I knew precisely no-one on the trip, and the best friend of the girl I was sharing a room with tried her damnedest to exclude me, but whatever, I didn't go to make friends.
20. I was in the principal’s office this many times: A few times for merit marks, and once when three of us wandered upstairs for no reason at lunchtime and she ran into us in the corridor. It was a very surreal experience...
21. What I miss most about high school: everything being easier, and my friends all being in one place. Learning things.
22. What I don’t miss at all about high school: Gursharan. She's on the same list as Sandra. Yup, THAT bad. She or someone in her stupid little group stole my VERY EXPENSIVE graphical calculator in Sixth Form (old enough to know better by then, you'd think!), and halfway contributed to my doing so badly in Maths...
23. I will/was remembered for: being very strange, probably.
24. I graduated in: 2000
25. I was _ out of _ in my class: no clue. I'd like to think I was average to above-average in most things, excepting Games. ;)
26. My GPA was: didn't have them, and anyway it depended on the subject. High for English, low for Physics.
27. I went to this high school: King Edward VI Handsworth School. And I would not change a day.

01. I still write letters and mail them out: to doec, although she now has the internets. I put letters with people's CDs, too.
02. I spend this much time online a day: less than I would do if Paul were not around. Ironic, considering his first words when we got networked were "Don't spend all of your time online." :P
04. My favorite place to travel to is: anywhere, really. London, Paris, Disneyland.
05. My favorite phrase is: I can't think of one off the top of my head...
06. My favorite quote is: too many to choose from! Um... "I've got no more money / But I've got the knack / If I sit long enough / It'll fall in my lap" - Catatonia, "Don't Wanna Talk About It". I've always loved that lyric.
07. I really want to go here someday: America (various bits), Venice, Salzburg, pretty much everywhere up to and including outer space.
08. I live in a(n) house, trailer, apartment, townhouse, condo: the upstairs flat of a converted terraced house.
09. I’ve always wanted to own one of these: a massive chandelier. It's more a case of never having high enough ceilings. :D
10. My most treasured item is: my piano, though it's at my mum's currently.
11. My goals in life are: the five-year plan, and to get something published. If I write that down enough times, you never know what might happen...
12. My favorite sport to watch is: snooker. I'm not really a sport person.
13. The friend I couldn’t live without: Paul for a start, plus a few others. You know who you are.
14. I collect this/these: miscellaneous junk which I have no room for: CDs, DVDs, videos, books, etc.
15. This is on my walls: posters and pictures and framed embroideries and mirrors and fans.
16. The thing that drives me completely crazy is: rude people, excessive noise levels and punctuation abuse/misuse.

Long enough for you? ;)
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