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Interview Meme

Questions from commoncomitatus. If you comment I'm meant to interview you, but I suck at questions, so don't expect me to actually do it.

1. If you could emmigrate right now to anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Somewhere with beautiful scenery, ocean views and peace and quiet; more than likely a remote Greek island somewhere. As long as I have an internet connection I'm fine. ;)

2. Would you ever consider taking up one of those '100 prompts' fic challenges, if it got your creativity flowing again?
It's more a case that I would if my creativity came back, as when I'm exceptionally prolific, it doesn't take much to inspire a story. At the current moment, I'm randomly inspired but in the wrong place when it happens... as per afore-said bus idea.

3. What was your most memorable theatre-going experience, and why?
GAH, just one? Okay... there are four that are top of my list: final night of the SB UK tour because Faith Brown remembered who I was (and the show itself was absolutely amazing, with the cast giving their all and more); second viewing of Little Shop of Horrors for the Jeremy!squee; second viewing of Rocky Horror Show when I was in the front row and Richard O'Brien turned up; and seeing Michael Crawford in Woman in White. If I have to pick just one of those... damn. It was hard enough picking those four (my second showing of Cats is pretty darn high on the list, too...). :P But I'll go for final night of SB, because that entire tour was full of win, and Faith Brown was awesome. And, y'know, she read my fanfic. :D

4. If you were given £500,000 to spend in one day, would you be able to do it; if so, on what?
Sadly, I probably could. Clothes, shoes, DVDs, CDs, books, and somewhere to put them all. ;) Of course, I would have put half of it into my savings first, because I'm sensible like that. :P

5. Did you ever come to terms with the fact that your sidelight is in fact purple?
No, because it's blue. :P

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