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In Which England Panics

Far from having an horrendous journey home, I left at 3.30 and was home an hour later, which included the trip to Sainsbury's (whereupon I was queueing behind a woman buying nothing but Weight Watchers instant meals. Terrifying. I know they have their points system, but wow, REAL FOOD would be better.) BCC went into total Panic Mode and sent the message around that employees could leave at 2.30, and our office distributed a 'snow chain' type plan in the event that Birmingham was cancelled because of snow.

Schools are closed today. There was talk throughout the office yesterday of not being able to make it into work because a further five inches were predicted to fall overnight. Complete and total madness. Considering this is the third year in a row where we've been struck down with heavy snowfall, you'd think they might take that as a hint to BE PREPARED for once.

The funniest thing is that it didn't snow in the night at all, and the worst thing to deal with today is the fact that the snow will melt in the sun and then freeze overnight.

I'm quite childishly amused by the country's reaction.

Britain: OMGWTF we have six inches of snooooow! We can't run the traaaains! What do we dooooo? *runs around like a headless chicken*
Mainland Europe: Get a grip, you big wusses. *gets train to work in blizzard*

Seriously, though. It's looking like every winter is going to be like this for the forseeable future, at least until we stop killing the planet (and even then probably afterwards) so it would surely be in everyone's interests to actually invest money into sorting this problem out. Snow-ploughs. Better bloody trains. The 21st century has been here for eight years now; time to catch up.

Aaaanyway. I had quite a pleasant evening, all told. I did the washing up when I got back (not that pleasant, though I do find something quite theapeutic about things being CLEAN) and there was a (presumably teenage) boy staring out of the back window of the house opposite. I don't know if he was watching me or the snow. Paul waved at him later but he ignored us. ;)

Just before the sun went down I dragged Paul outside for a snowball fight and to take some photographs, and Lisa helped us build a snowman. I was going to go to the park to take photos, but I spotted from the bus that Highbury was full of schoolkids having snowball fights, and figured KH park would be as bad. Bloody kids ruining my fun. :P

There are pictures of our snowy garden and the snowman (or snowdeer, as he turned out to be) on Facebook, here...

After that we walked to the chippy to get food (it had stopped snowing by then) and then I had a shower. After which I was absolutely frozen so went to bed (at 8.00pm) to attempt to warm up and watch some more X-Files. I shall do a separate post later because I want to extol the virtues of "Triangle", which is second on my list of Best Episodes Ever, after "Post Modern Prometheus"...

So, quite pleasant. Second (and last) rehearsal of the madrigals tonight, and also Zadok the Priest (woo!). Thank goodness my voice came back. I was starting to feel quite despondent.

Anyway, I'll sign this one off and make a start on my X-Post after / during lunch...

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