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(I didn't make that rhyme intentionally...)

My silly X-Files fic idea has almost completely come to fruition in my brain. A quick Google search informed me that Scully's birthday is 23rd February (I should have known that, but it fell out of my brain); the transcript for "Arcadia" seems to reckon that the day when Mulder mutilates the mailbox is the 26th, so we can safely assume she had a birthday whilst in the house.

So it's a birthday fic, incorporating that ever-so-obvious close-up on the engagement ring. I like to think that nothing is accidental when it comes to little details in this show, so I just have to use it. :)

I'll probably post it here first and then maybe FFN for completeness' sake. Just because.

And because it's about fandom, I shan't bother to filter the dream I had last night, but I will cut it nonetheless. I had ANOTHER Jonathan Creek dream last night, and it was yet another J/M reunion. These two seem to be invading my subconscious lately for some reason.

The Christmas special poked the Muses into action - though with JC they rarely need to be poked, as it's one of the only fandoms which I've written about consistently throughout others; well, that and POTO - and I've also started yoshi on his initiation, though thus far we've only watched two episodes. I imagine Jonathan and Maddy are living in my brain because of the very exciting rumours currently whispering through the fanfolk. That is: Caroline Quentin wants to return to JC (she was on some manner of breakfast television answering viewer questions and it came up...), and David Renwick wants her to return (many people thought Maddy's sudden relegation to She Who Must Not Be Named in the Christmas special is a direct interpretation of Renwick's bitterness over her leaving), but it seems they aren't actually communicating with each other. The ratings for the special were high and there is hope on the horizon for a new series. At this juncture I wouldn't even mind if that new series used Joey as the sidekick as long as we get more JC (and more lovely Alan on our screens), but there's this sort of bubbling hope that Caroline might return, which would be a gazillion worlds of awesome. She's already returned to the BBC with Life of Riley (which actually wasn't that bad) so who knows what might happen?

Anyway, that probably explains why they're in my brain, though I'm not going to presume that these reunion dreams are even remotely prophetic. :)

I digress. The dream. There wasn't really that much of it. Jonathan was in the back of a car, being driven somewhere in a town - I don't know who the driver was, but I'm fairly sure the car wasn't a taxi. (Like in the other dream where he was at a bar with who I presume were Adam and Barry, I think the driver in this one was someone he knew.)

So, the car came around a corner and then pulled to a stop. Jonathan jumped out of the door as soon as it came to a halt because Maddy was waiting outside a shop (which had big windows but seemed to be closed) and just wrapped her in this enormous hug.

On writing it down it sounds cheesier and sillier than it was, but it was lovely at the time...

I'm pretty sure there was someone else in the car, too, but I don't know who it was.

Another bit was later on when they seemed to be out somewhere at night; there were lots of lights and bars. but that's all I remember.

Perhaps my brain is telling me to write yet more reunion fic? Not that I finished the chapterfic, of course. I did a one-shot tag to "Satan's Chimney", but that was way before series 4 even aired, and I keep changing the details of the untitled chapterfic, not to mention the ending. I've said to Eni before that it's actually impossible to write J/M fluff (angst is easy because there's plenty to work with), because they are inherently made of snark. So even if you get to the fluff, you have to throw in some snark immediately afterwards to keep it remotely in character.

It's still kind of odd that I keep having all these strange reunion dreams, though, especially as they seem to involve Jonathan being taken to Maddy rather than her just turning up at the theatre or the windmill, which is how I'd always envisaged it. Intriguing.

At the very least, there are some quite exciting possibilities within the fandom as a whole, but I'll patiently sit it out because the BBC are slow to get anything moving...

I'm sure I had something else to mention, but damned if I can remember what it was...

Oh! That was it. I finished The Book Thief last night and the ending is so, so sad. Well, the penultimate chapter, at least. I didn't intend to finish it, but got completely sucked in thinking it couldn't possibly end how it did.

I would definitely recommend it. The concept in itself is interesting (though some people have said the style and narrator make it seem rather dispassionate and distant, given the nature of the characters; not entirely true, but each to their own) and there are some very interesting turns of phrase within the seemingly conversational narrative.

Paul is reading it next and then I can give it back to my mum, though I'll definitely buy another copy for myself. :) Next on the list is Tracy Chevalier's Burning Bright (another borrowed one), and then I can get back to my proper list. I should probably read The Last Unicorn after that (which shouldn't take too long), and then White Teeth.

And then all the others I keep picking up.

Oh! I also got hold of The Boy Who Kicked Pigs by Tom Baker (yes, THAT Tom Baker) and it's very, very odd. Somewhat reminiscent of Tim Burton's The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and the ending is horrible. I literally read it in an hour (it's a children's book), so if you can find it, give it a go.

That's definitely everything. :)
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