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Ho hum, another tedious day at work. Bloody half term.

This will probably be rambling because I have nothing else to do. Meh.

So, I'm on leave next week. Various stuff I want to try and get done, including the usual spring cleaning (the kitchen floor is disgusting), going through the attic again and making curtain tie-backs.

I had managed to clear lots of floor space in the attic, but since Lisa is now storing some of her stuff up there as well, that space has been eaten up. I want to try and organise it so there are three distinct areas of my stuff, Lisa's stuff, and Trevor's stuff. And also I need to sort out the videos in the cabinet again as they're not in order any more since we moved them up there. I should probably print the lists off again to stick to the door...

Oh, wait, I don't have a functional printer. BAH. I need to buy one when I've been paid, so that'll have to wait until March.

I've decided to put the £45 of my birthday money towards the MP3 player I want, the Creative Mozaic. The 4GB player is about £50 and that should be more than enough capacity (I mean, considering I've still got my 128MB one, anyway). As with the Zen MicroPhoto, there seem to be mixed reviews about the product on Amazon, though only a few bad ones, it seems (one of which was moaning about the software, which is kind of dumb considering you can easily sync it with Windows Media Player or WinAmp or your media player of choice...)

My 128MB player still works perfectly well, but I've had a spate of incidents lately of it just eating batteries - I don't know if that's because Wilkinson's "long-life" batteries are rubbish or just because I'm not storing it carefully enough in my bag (thus pressing the on-switch by accident), but it's been lasting about an hour before cutting out. Also the new PC encodes the MP3s a lot better so they're bigger than they were, and where I could get 75 tracks on it before, I can now only get two albums. My entire music collection took up just over 5GB on the hard drive (at the lowest encoding level - I don't have it loud enough to tell the difference, frankly) so the 4GB player should be more than enough.

My last player was Creative and has last me about five years, so I'm not about to stray any time soon, mixed reviews aside. I absolutely refuse to get an iPod, and that's that. Aside from the fact that they've totally capitalised on the MP3-player market - Creative have been doing multi-coloured players for years before Apple jumped on that bandwagon - I just think they're ugly, and I've heard too many horror stories about people being mugged for them. (Hence why these 'trendy' white earphones that everyone's selling are just not cool - it's like an open invitation.) So, yes. Creative all the way for me, thank you.

Besides which, the Mozaic is preeeeetty. :)

As for the tie backs, I intended to make these whilst off in October and ended up not bothering, so I should definitely try and get them done next week. I bought all the interfacing and the rings in October, and hopefully they won't even take me that long. I'm making them out of a red corduroy dress which I've worn all of once, about 10 years ago, and if there's enough fabric left I want to make a waistcoat with a corset-style back on it and maybe hook-and-eye fastenings on the front. I need to get some lining first, though. If I make it to fit me now, hopefully the corset back will enable it to still fit if I lose weight. ;)

That should be more than enough for a week off - four days, actually, as we're going down to London on the Friday. Hoping to get tickets for that human body exhibition at O2, though at this short notice it's doubtful. We shall see.

Reet, I'm going to post this before it gets any longer. SO GLAD I'm not in next week, though I'm losing the will to live this week already...
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