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Association Meme.

It's meme central here today. I shall do this one whilst I wait for the kitchen floor to dry. Stolen off yoshi.

Association Meme: Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

yoshi gave me:

1. Derby
The place where I went to University, initially because it was my favourite option for doing Occupational Therapy, and then simply because I liked the city and wanted to stay there when I changed course to English. I lived there for the best part of four years and absolutely love it there. Being from a big city, it was nice to move somewhere a bit smaller and quieter, and if you're a student then it's a brilliant city to live because it's appreciative of the fact that there is a university and the students have money to burn. Every time I go back there I find new and interesting places opening up along the Friargate "pub strip"

Aside from that, it has some beautiful architecture and is steeped in history, which I only wish I'd realised / been more proactive about whilst I lived there. Thankfully, it's only a short train hop away from Birmingham, and hence easy to visit. I'm pretty sure if I lived there I'd be bored or yearning for the bigger, inner-city life of Birmingham, (and would probably find the students annoying now!) but for the brief time I was there, I was proud to call it my home.

2. Tattoos
I have six of them presently, and at least two more planned, though only one of my future designs has ever remained consistent, for one reason or another - possibly this is the one I should definitely get. ;) I can't remember really when it was that I knew I wanted a tattoo, but I was probably about 15 or 16 or thereabouts, and by the time I was actually old enough to get one (I had my first when I was 19) I was absolutely clear in my mind that I wanted one. I say 15 or 16 because I remember wanting one in the same place as Scully (lower back), even though I decided on the design a lot later on.

When I got my first one, I saw a design I really liked - a cartoon-style Catwoman head surrounded by flame - which prompted my mum to say that the night before she had a dream where I got a tattoo of Catwoman crouching in a spotlight. last_dance was actually designing this for me at one point (to go on my left shoulderblade) but I think it will have to remain the design-that-never-was. Since then I've had five more in various places on my body and I love all of them equally, though my two favourites are my masks (see icon) and my latest one, the old Catatonia logo. The design I've wanted for ages but never been able to design properly is the kartouche of my name, based on a necklace I have. I haven't been able to find heiroglyphics delicate enough to re-create it, though. Yet. :)

Tattoos are addictive. I will probably regret a few of them when I'm old and saggy but they all mean something to me, and that's what matters. If they're not related to a specific thing, I can still remember when or why I got them, and I consider them souvenirs of my life rather than body art (though there is that element as well), and if I could, I would immortalise every single one of my fandoms in ink, if only I could think of the perfect design...

I think that's enough on tattoos...

3. Writing
Click on any of my three "writing" tags for various LJ posts on the subject, though due to the re-tagging project the list is not complete yet. Writing is pretty much the only thing I've ever had any innate talent for, unless you count music (there are so many musical people in my family that I'm genetically predisposed to be musical...) More than that, I find the process of putting words to paper / screen very enjoyable, and it's part of the reaon I actually enjoy typing. Which sounds kind of mad, really, but I think I would go mad in my WPO job otherwise. The words in question don't even necessarily have to be fiction or particularly important; I enjoy words and language and grammar, and writing is part of that.

I have ideas a lot, which never reach fruition; a million novels over the course of my life, countless movies, short stories. I've written reams and reams of fanfiction over the years, pretty much consistently since the age of about 15 (so, 12 years), not even because I have a story to tell but just because I enjoy the process. I think it's really something that only other writers can truly appreciate, and trying to explain it is inevitably quite difficult - which is ironic, really, but it's like asking a comedian to be funny all the time, or a magician to perform magic on demand. If you ask me to get down the bare bones of what writing MEANS to me, then there's no simple answer, just a lot of different, isolated components which are otherwise meaningless on their own.

The worst experience I've ever had was during 2005 when I was completely unable to write. I was having plenty of ideas, but the connection was broken somewhere along the lines. The problem was that writing is pretty much my only successful form of catharsis (though I have also since discovered housework... :P) and hence I had no outlet for the pent-up emotion and frustration, and ended up trapped in a vicious cycle. I am mostly a nocturnal writer and even now, I find it very difficult to write when fully awake; I need that semi-lucid blurriness of being half-asleep in order to visualise properly, even if it makes no sense the first time around. I can take that raw framework and tidy it up later, but I've probably done my best work between the hours of 1.00 and 5.00am...

It's a subject I can (and do) ramble about incessantly, so I'll stop there, I think...

4. Johhnny Depp
Is beautiful.

No other explanation, because I am that shallow. (Oh, all right. He does the acting thing really rather well. I would probably think he was an annoying prettyboy otherwise, but I get the genuine feel that he brings intelligence to his roles, and he doesn't let himself get typecast. Unless he's working for Tim Burton, obviously, but my brain is usually ded from the pretty because of the gothpaint so I really couldn't care less. :D)

5. The Squee
The absolute best part of fandom. Whether its enjoyed alone or in a group of likeminded fangirls, the Squee is the gut reaction and raw instinct of fandom, and mostly it doesn't even matter where it came from, because you can analysis the whys and wherefores later on. The Squee is directly related to the Shipping. It's THAT important. :D

I cannot promise original associations if you comment...
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