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Slightly overdue.

Hm, haven't updated in a while. I have quite a bit to update about, I've just been putting it off...

I'm only updating at this point because my new MP3-player has arrived! As about half an hour ago. :D I'm currently waiting for the Creative software to finish syncing my media files and then I'll upload some photos of it. :) And then I can charge the thing, before testing it when I go out to choir later. :D


(Of course, that's assuming this one works, after the fiasco last time. Given I've bought this one from e-buyer for full price rather than a cowboy on eBay, there's every change it might actually work first time...)

EDIT, 14.15: Photos. Kindly ignore the mess on the bedroom floor, I was meant to tidy up today but am recovering from a bad back which plagued me most of yesterday. As ever, all plans for productivity are scuppered by my body conspiring against me. :(

It's a lot smaller than I was expecting. :)

Also turns out it's quicker syncing the thing in WMP, as the Creative software ignored half the files I tried to put on there...
Tags: gratuitous spending
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