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Falling back into fandom with a massive crash has its advantages; I'm not quite sure if bizarre dreams are one of them.

I had a dream about Sunset Boulevard. At least, I think I did. Eddie Izzard turned up at one point in a blue suit, but that might have been a different section. There was also a really bizarre bit just before I woke up that I can't properly remember.

Anyway. This isn't in the right order, but it will read better if I explain it this way.

Okay, so, it turned out that Norma's house on Sunset Boulevard had been turned into some kind of living museum. The dream was set a few decades in the future after she would have died, and the house-museum was run by one man, but that's all I could ascertain.

Betty was in the dream. Except she was blonde, for some reason, with Bernadette-Peters-esque hair. (Eni, get out of my brain! :P) She'd gone to visit the house for whatever reason, and the man who owned / ran it was saying how sometimes, lucky visitors might see the ghosts who haunted the mansion. Betty turned out to be one of the lucky visitors; and obviously, because this is my subconscious we're talking about, the ghosts turned out to be Norma and Joe. Betty saw them briefly outside the house, walking/floating down the street together. Apparently they must have made amends after they'd died.

It was actually remarkably sweet, in its own way, and seemed to give Betty some kind of closure.

Next she was telling the owner what she'd seen and he was writing it all down to archive on his laptop, which appeared to be full of random photographs and stuff to do with the story, though at this point it gets a little fuzzy.

So, there we go.

None of my SB dreams have ever been particularly coherent; in fact, most of them were about the cast rather than the characters. ;)

Hm, I should make a start on some of the SB-related stuff I wanted to get done today: make a new LJ layout when I find a theme to modify from someone, and scan the old tour brochure for that purpose. I need more SB icons, especially of the N/J persuasion, though I fear it may result in messy image manips.

Watch this space.
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