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Gah, I've got that thing in my head again where I try to find random vestiges of my childhood which nobody except me remembers...

I had this video when I was a kid. At my grandmother's house. I can't remember now which of them it was, but it was one that I used to watch quite a lot - so it was either the Beatrix Potter ballet, Doctor Doolittle (as in the musical), The Glass Slipper or any one of a number of Rolf's Cartoon Time episodes.

Anyway, on the end of said video was an animation which keeps coming back to haunt me. I have no idea what it was called, only that the animation was very stylised - everything was on a black background, I think, or possibly it was all psychedelic. I think it was all lineart. I can't remember even if it had narration, though I imagine it must have done. All I can visualise is that there was a peacock, I think, or some other manner of bird, and it was set in India. It might have been a myth or something. And there was definitely music, though it would defy me to try and describe it...

Does this ring a bell with anyone? I have absolutely no clue what it was or where to find it, or even if it exists outside of that video. And, y'know, short of visiting my grandmother and hoping she still has it, I don't know what else to do...

There are other things I keep remembering, too, but that one's been bugging me for months. The other one is a Bugs Bunny movie / episode (can't remember which) where he's a... knight, I think? There's definitely a dragon in it, and a total eclipse of the sun. Possibly might be easier to find, though...

If anyone can wrestle my bizarre childhood memory animation from the vast depths of the internet, I would love you forever. :D Because it'll turn out to be like those Garfield episodes, where the entire script / score is actually deeply embedded in my brain, so deeply I can't actually access it until the thing in question pokes it into life. Because my brain, like myself, is an incurable hoarder...
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